Friday, 31 August 2012

A good day!

Well I didn't do too well with the posting daily and putting the past behind me, but I am here.

Today has been good, not sure what made it different.  I did get a bit more sleep last night.  I didn't lounge in bed for ages this morning, which looking at things does make a difference.  I did spend some time outside in the sun.  And I have been a busy bee.  I hung washing, I washed washing, I cooked lunch (lemon and thyme roast potatoes and chicken cooked in red wine, all home-made thank you very much!!) I knitted AND I cleared away things that I would normally have left to accumulate more clutter and then I would get angry and then the cycle would begin again.

I must remember to write the good as well as the bad, the happy and the sad.  You can't have one with out the other so all things are equal.

I have done all these things, things I would never have normally done and I still feel that I have had more time today. I haven't felt tired and haven't needed a snooze.

I have just remembered I was meant to put some washing machine cleaner in the washing machine it is starting to smell a bit, must do that now.

Back with a peppermint tea!

Today is supposed to be a full moon, alas we have no moon in our sky only darkness and cloud, funny as it has been perfectly clear all day.

Well Grace is in bed watching 'The Santa Clause' yes appropriate watching for this time of year and I am about to head the same way, with GQ magazine, never read that before but I must say Oh My Gary Oldman for Prada, yes please.

Laters x

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