Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Ooops! by Cordelia's Cottage.
Ooops!, a photo by Cordelia's Cottage. on Flickr.
Today's prompt was 'Damage'

I am getting annoyed at these prompts!! (just kidding) It's just after my birthday one with the button prompt and getting button wrapping paper and then today having damage as a prompt and this happened.

We are having the bathroom turned into a wet room to make showering easier for Mark. So far the job was supposed to have taken 5 to 7 working days, we are now on 12 working days as there have been silly little things that keep going wrong! Today one of the workmen had to box in the new pipes which have come out from out bathroom into our bedroom, but as you can see from the photo he managed to hit a pipe which was already in the wall, our bed and the workman got soaked, he ended up with a blistered finger from where he stuck his finger in the hole and got it scalded.

Grant you it wasn't his fault as you can see that the pipes that were there already from when the house was originally built and has been encased in the wall. The other workman guy was lucky when he put the other 'copper' pipes in that he didn't hit the original pipes. Well everything has been fixed now and the pipes boxed in, but the builders will be back tomorrow as they still have stuff to finish off, mainly the toilet isn't working (brand new) as the ball valve isn't working! Oh happy days!!!

Also on Saturday I bought coffee as we were running out and I stupidly picked up the wrong one and ended up with decaff. Caroline is not a happy bunny without her caffeine, I am miserable, tired and have a banging headache!

So I am off to bed now.

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Day 38.

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