Monday, 6 February 2012

First Gig!

First Gig! by Cordelia's Cottage.
First Gig!, a photo by Cordelia's Cottage. on Flickr.
Day 26, Free For All.

This isn't as easy as it seems, when you have been given prompts for a while, thinking of something interesting enough is really hard.

This, though, was the main thing happening on this day. Eveigh was off to her first ever gig and, as she is a member of their 'fan club' type thing, she managed to have a meet and greet with them too.

So now that CD has all their signatures on it and she has a few photos of her with them. I was a bit envious, not because I wanted to meet All Time Low, but because I never had chance to meet anyone famous that was important to me.

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