Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I am sitting here, with my hair wet and it is chilly and I don’t care.  Do you know why?  Because our bathroom is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!  Just one minor mishap today though, the workman broke our mirror!!!  Never mind though it is finished and is working and we can, again, have our ablutions in our own home.   I am stoked.

The thing we have to do now, well what I would like to do as you know I like nice things, is to get some new towels, some kind of storage thingy and a new washing basket.  But look it is all bright and shiny and lovely.  Just smells a bit from the paint!

Also some other lovely thing happened to me today, I received a lovely little package from the equally lovely and gorgeous Ms Graveyard Dirt, I have had, from her before, a gorgeous jam, rose hip and crab apple, and today I received ‘Earth’ which is apple, blackberry, geranium and rhubarb and a special treat of ‘Spring Green’ which contains rose scented lemon geranium and Scottish rhubarb.  I haven’t tried these yet but they look lovely.  As an extra birthday treat, thanks hun, I also received a wish bone complete with ribbon and some mini sunflower seeds. I have been thoroughly spoiled.


It is not often I link to things for people to participate in but I was wondering if you would all take about a minute out of your schedules and sign this petition.  It is to help victims of domestic violence.  This is direct from their website:


“This is a personal plea, from me, to you, to lend us your support. You may have seen recently that there seems to be an increase in people (predominantly women) who’ve been killed by their current or ex-partners. This is why we are launching the Speak Up, Save A Life campaign with domestic violence charity Refuge. The aim of our campaign is to ask that every police force in the country works alongside an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate in its work to prevent domestic violence and help save lives.

We need 100,000 signatures, so this debate can go to the House of Commons.

So please, please sign up, speak up and save a life

Thank you.


Speak Up, Save a Life something needs to be done about this.


Finally todays 365 + 1 photo and oh my goodness this one was hard!!!

Day 39


I took a few, which you can see on my Flickr page, but this is the one I went with, I thought it looked nicest with the house slightly in the background so you can just see it is a fence and not just lots of wood!

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