Tuesday, 3 January 2012


It is only 7.03pm and I am already in my Pyjamas sitting on my bed in my ‘office’, what a truly horrid day, weather wise.  I know we have been really lucky with the weather this year.  I am still concerned that we will be hit by some really dire weather as there are still too many berries on the shrubs and we haven’t had any weather really to talk about.  But the weather today was particularly nasty, I generally don’t get too cold, being of the larger persuasion I tend to have my own internal radiators to keep me warm, but today I just haven’t been able to war up!  It is almost blowing a gale outside, I won’t say it is as I can’t tell the speed of the wind, suffice to say it is rather hard and it has been bucketing it down, really lashing against the windows.  There was a bit of respite earlier though whereby we had the appearance of a rainbow, not just any rainbow but a double rainbow!

006 If you look really really carefully to the right of the rainbow you might, just might be able to see the second rainbow, but seeing as I couldn’t find my camera and had to use Gracie’s new one she got for Christmas I wasn’t sure how much it would pick up!

Today has been a tired day, I haven’t really been sleeping well, never really getting to sleep before 2.30 to 3.00 am!  It isn’t as if I am lying awake worrying about anything, I am not tossing and turning, I just don’t seem to sleep.  This will go on for a couple of days and then BAM it hits me so tonight I am hoping that I will be able to sleep a normal persons sleep!

I am getting myself a lovely new phone tomorrow, one of these in fact.

I am squeelingly happy about it, so much so I can’t wait to get rid of my dodgy BlackBerry, which even though I desperately wanted one, hate no end now.  The OS is slow and everytime you have to update software etc… it takes 3 or 4 days before it works properly again.  The camera on it is PANTS!  So bring on the new phone, and because of this I am going to be participating in Suzies 365 + 1, I like this one because there will actually be a prompt to help you along.  Once I get my phone I will be catching up.

Linky button here if anyone wants to join in.image

This year I am trying hard to make birthday presents and actually giving myself enough time to finish them, so I am now making something for my Mummy, I was trying to make a knitted Jack Russell but it really was too hard and of course I couldn’t ask Mummy as it was for her!

Cheerio for now, really hope to go on a dog walk tomorrow, in fact have told Mark that even if it is chucking it down with rain we are taking the pupsicles out and I am hoping that my phone will be here before we go so I can try out my new camera.

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