Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well that’s that…

So, another year finished then.  Have I learnt anything?  Maybe.  Would I change anything?  Probably.  Do I make resolutions?  Most definitely not!  Why would I?  To then NOT carry through with them.  Throughout the year I resolve to do things, change my ways, make things better but it doesn’t happen.  I start the year with good intentions, but by about week 2 it has all gone to pot!  This year my resolution?  Not to make one and just see if I can stop beating myself up for the things I don’t do and cheer myself up for the things I do!

I am going to try and be here more though, I have even found a little diary print out thingy from here which I am going to print out and carry in my bag, which I have with me all the time and when I think of things through the day I will write on there and then type up here in the evening.  That’s the plan.  I have been thinking that the reason I haven’t managed to write anything here much is because a) I constantly update my status on Facebook so by the end of the day I feel like I have already let the world know what I have been up to, but bullet points I feel are no longer enough and b) I don’t have many ‘followers’ so I lack the interaction that I, myself, crave (actually crave is not the right word here I think) I like to think that I can be interesting, if I know what people like, if that makes ANY kind of sense!

Right, won’t overdo it now, but will put up some photos!

003Fynn enjoying the wrapping paper Christmas Day.

008Grace being Grace with a couple of her Christmas presents!

005Eveigh showing off her Christmas presents!  In fact Eveigh, the 17 year old who normally stays in bed until at least midday was up at 6.00am Christmas morning and then woke up Grace!


Fynn and Amber enjoying their Christmas presents, the marrow in these didn’t stand a chance.

I won’t bore you all with tons of photos now but I think if I run out of things during the weeks to come I can share some with you then.

Will you all still be around?  Will you maybe share me to some friends to see if I can ‘get out there’?  Gosh I sound like a singleton!

Hopefully with your help and my persistence I can make 2012 a friendly year for me.

Now off to catch up on some correspondence!

Cordelia Banner

P.S Try and share me about. xxx

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about facebook! I sometimes mess about there so much that I feel blogged out before I even get to my blog!