Monday, 2 January 2012

Today, for me was an eventful day!  How often on the 2nd January do you get to hang your washing outside and it dries?  I love it.  Also I managed to bake, just normal fairy cakes, which I can assure you tasted lovely, but, I have no idea why they really didn’t work out right!

001004  Not really sure what I did there, it is either I didn’t bake them long enough or, plain flour was in the self raising flour container.


I also have a photo of my ‘work space’.  017 Doesn’t look particularly comfy but it is where I feel able to write things. 


Today I watched Tim Minchin in concert, I have never watched him before but I thought it rather good, very thought provoking.  I also spent some time with Grace trying to get her to appreciate good music, Iron maiden, she likes Eddie but doesn’t think that Iron Maiden are very popular!  Oh she has so much to learn.

Also this evening I thought that maybe I should catch up on the phenomenon that is Sherlock Holmes, the new one with Benedict and Martin, very very good so far.  Loving the music too as it reminds me of Dexter which I am really missing.


Again not too much to begin with, but routines have to be started without putting yourself off.


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