Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tired eyes are closing.

I had quite possibly the worst night sleep last night. I didn’t manage to get to sleep until around 4am and was then awake again by 6.45am, where I just felt so awake. I got up went to the toilet and then came back to bed, by which time the dogs and hubby were awake. Mark took the dogs out then came back to bed, the next thing I know it is 11.30am and I feel like crap. I managed to drag myself out of bed and grab something to east before taking the dogs out for a bit of a walk. That certainly woke me up!

Came back and picked up my knitting. I am knitting something for my Mum, it is her birthday on Friday 13th January so I am trying to get my finger pulled out. When that is finished I then have to finish my nieces knitted present as it her birthday on the 24th February. In between these two birthdays are also Gracie’s birthday, 24th January and my fortieth on the 2nd February. In a way I would like to think Mark would do something special for me, but I don’t think it will happen, you never know though.

I have been sitting here in my comfy office bed reading through all the blogs I follow and am slowly falling asleep so this won’t be such a long post. Managed to email a few ‘knitty’ type shops today to see what kind of courses they run which we could go to, when I say ‘we’ I mean Herts Stitch and Bitch, we are planning on lots of outings this year, one of which is a knitting weekend in Blackpool! Can’t wait, just have to start saving pennies!

Right then on with today’sclip_image002


The reason for the photo is that at the moment our living room doesn’t look at all cosy, and I wanted a lovely little scene of people all sitting around a cosy fire, kids playing and everyone just chilling. The Sylvanian Cat family was a close as I could get!!!

Well I am off to have a long hot bath and then to snuggle in bed and sleep for what seems like a thousand years.

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  1. They do look cosy! :) Hope you had a better sleep last night!

  2. Hee hee, love those Sylvanians, they do look cosy in their little house. Hope you are feeling better today.