Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Testing testing

Hello all, I had a good nights sleep last night, a good 6 hours, I did wake at 4.30 to go to the toilet but apart from that it was very good.  So why oh why is it that I STILL am exhausted today.  A friend said I should get myself tested for sleep apnoea, but I wouldn’t even know how to start saying to the doc that I think I have that.  Mark has said to me before that he has to check me sometimes at night, like if he is watching TV or something and I am sleeping I will be snoring and then just stop, and then I will gasp and start again, not sure if this is part of it or just because I am a bit of a porker!


One question  I would like to ask, why is it that when you drink hot chocolate you have to have a little slurp and then go ‘ahhh’ or is it just me?


I don’t follow twitter, but a tweet was brought to my attention which I found funny, ‘Dear Lol, thanks for being there when I have nothing to say’ just made me giggle.


Yesterday I cleared my notice board, which from now on I will call my Inspiration Board (inspiring me for what I don’t know, but still) and I found a quote on there that I had written a while back, ‘A generation who know all about rights, but nothing about responsibility’ I really liked that, can’t even remember where I read it now, but still.  I have a little photo of my Board that I thought I would like to share with you.

There isn’t much on there at the moment, but when I find lovely things I can add to it.


Tomorrow is my ‘out’ day.  I have Weightwatchers in the morning and Stitch and Bitch in the evening, the one day a week where I go out.  I will be starting a new project tomorrow I think, one of these.

I am going to knit the one on the right, it will help me to learn how to knit on circular needles, in fact the new ones I got last week!


And so to:



Item of Clothing

This happens to be the first baby grow that my youngest wore when she was born, I have put a Sky Remote next to it for size, this was too big for her also and she used to have a vest and socks and mittens on with it.  She was born a month early, she was meant to be born at the end of February but came the end of January, as my waters had broken in October, from December I had to travel to hospital twice a week to have ultra-sounds and by the end of December they decided that she would have to be born early as she wasn’t growing any more.  The whole experience of her birth was a bit of a pants time, not that I remember too much about it. 


Yesterday downloaded ANOTHER new app to my phone this one is an app that shows you where the stars are in the sky when you hold the phone up to the sky, if that makes any kind of sense!


Cordelia Banner


  1. What a lovely record- my daughters were born 5 weeks early at the end of January too! People had to go out and get some preemie babygrows for me- and I kept a couple and donated the rest to the SCBU unit when we went back for check ups! I must take a photo of the one in their keepsake box!

  2. Love the babygrow pic, my daughter was also born at the end of January but was due in early april!

    I really like those 'hats', they remind me of 'we three kings'!