Friday, 20 January 2012

I am what I am…

I am probably THE most disorganised, forgetful, never enough time in the world, person ever!  I am so sorry I haven’t updated here in forever, but I have been on top of things, well the 365 + 1 project anyway, I can’t say I have been on top of everything else.  I have made a few notes which I am going through so forgive me if everything seems a little disjointed, in my notebook it is all in order!

I am all ready now I think to carry on, it is freezing cold but I have my snuggly Jim Jams on and am listening to the Omnibus edition of The Archers, I think this will be a weekly thing.  I love listening to podcasts, even if I am not really ‘hearing’ it it seems to keep me company.


So starting on the Thursday, every Thursday I go to Weightwatchers and I am really enjoying it, I am losing weight slowly, but it is coming off, sometimes a bit goes back on, but mainly it is coming off.  That week I lost 2lbs, which I was very shocked about, I even swore a tad at my lovely leader, that’s how shocked I was, not a horrid type swearing but a ‘bloody hell, really?’ type swear.


Thursday evenings is spent in the company of my Mummy and some lovely ladies in our local Stitch and Bitch group.  I only really started knitting properly at the beginning of last year, but have managed to knit a few things. 


Day 12 Translucent


This one was really difficult it took me forever to think of something that I could take a photo of that was Translucent, then at the end of the day when Mark was having his shower I realised that the shower curtain was translucent so I jumped at the opportunity and took a quick snap!


Day 13 Inside your fridge.

This one was fairly easy but how unhealthy does my fridge look?  The jars of sauce that are on the top shelf are actually really cheap sauces that Eveigh really loves and she cooks up a load of rice and pours it over and eats it, very strange and ewww, but then I don’t really like rice.  I also don’t like buying jars of sauce I much prefer making up my own batch of stuff.


Friday was also my Mum’s birthday and I made her a small something, it took longer than I thought and didn’t manage to get it finished in time but did eventually give it to her on the Tuesday, we went over there that day because Grace has started Brownies, which takes place in the same town as where Mum lives, so it’s easier to go to hers while Grace is at Brownies rather than driving all the way home and then going out again.

So seeing as I have signed up for the Monthly Make 2012 I will enter my Mum’s present for it. So here it is.

A little knitted birthday cake, I knitted it from a book that I was given for Christmas from a lovely lovely friend, which reminds me I haven’t sent her a thank you note!  Some new stitches to learn this week and that’s the ‘piped icing’ along the top and bottom, apparently it’s called popcorn stitch I think.


Day 14 Guilty Pleasures

My Guilty Pleasures are my books, they are all over the house, and my whole family laughs at me about my ‘obsession’ I always have a few books hanging around, they are normally piled up on the floor by my bed as well as on all the shelves around the house.  Even some in the toilet, just for a little light reading!



Day 15 Generous

One of the Mums from the school, very generously bought this for me from my Amazon Wish list, it just appeared one day.  I did cheekily post on my Facebook that if anyone fancied buying me anything then they could get something from here, and a few days later this turned up, I was pleasantly surprised, as you can imagine, sadly I still haven’t had time to make anything from it yet, but believe me there is so much there that I want to make.

Day 16 Snack

I do try and think outside the box and for this one I didn’t want to take a photo of the normal snack we all have such as crisps or fruit, so I thought I would, on this occasion take a photo of what the fish occasionally have as a snack.  Of course they have their normal daily food but on occasion they have blood worms, this are bought from the fish shop frozen and kept in the freezer, so the first picture is of the cube of worms, the second photo is once they have defrosted in hot water and the third photo if you look really, really closely you can see one of the Angel Fish with one in it’s mouth.  Sadly we found one of our Angel Fish dead today, they do seem to have a problem, being so slim, they seem to get stuck between the heater and the glass and die that way, as Angel Fish are so beautiful and our tank is looking a bit empty I think we may have to get another one.


Whilst walking the dogs the other evening I decided on taking some photos of the sunset, something I rarely do as I don’t think I am able to take a decent photo of a sunset, but here are mine anyway.

The difference between these two photos is probably about 10 minutes and a 90 degree turn. 


Day 17 Naughty

Once a week mark and I try and make a point of having a coffee, well he has a hot chocolate because he doesn’t like ‘proper’ coffee, as in he really only like instant coffee that is when he drinks coffee.  Me I have a medium or large latte with either hazelnut or vanilla syrup, skinny milk and sugar free syrup, so my pro points aren’t huge.


Day 18 Pleasurable

I love to knit, as we established up there ^ and I can’t think of anything more pleasurable that making something for someone else that they will really love, at the moment I am in the middle of making a knitted fairy for my niece’s birthday at the end of February, hopefully no one will mind if I use that for my February Monthly Make.


Day 19 Bad for you.

Since I found out I had a few health problems I don’t really have anything that is bad for me apart from the occasional chocolate bar, so yesterday evening whilst at my Stitch and Bitch group I borrowed a couple of props from the ladies there and snapped this shot and used it as the general ‘you’ not just bad for me.


Day 20 Sign

I really tried hard to find an out of the box idea for this one and then totally forgot about it, until I was out with the dogs and remembered about the village sign.  This was donated a few years ago, to the village, from the lady who used to live in the Hall here.  The other side has two different pictures on it.


I have found another good program to be watching at the moment and that is a program called The Finder, it is a spin off from Bones and is good if a little silly sometimes.


Grace is away for the weekend with her Nanny and Granddad so Mark and I are going to go somewhere where Grace really wouldn’t want to go to, Westmill Farm, Mark is really looking forward to it because there is a remote control car shop type thing there.


Well I guess that is it for the time being and hopefully I won’t leave it so long next time.


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