Monday, 9 January 2012

Bring on the…

Today I managed to wake up without being tired!!!! My alarm gently woke me at 6.30am to the sound of birdsong, I even managed 6 hours and 17 minutes sleep, how do I know?  My app of course!  And I managed to record myself WITHOUT getting scared!  I did watch Paranormal Activity 2 today though, which was probably a silly thing to do!

Took the dogs for a lovely walk again today, but Fynn managed to get his halti off and then twisted his leg in his lead so there was lots of whining and howling!

Fynn and Amber enjoying a muddy walk, not sure what caught their attention.

We also had a lovely cup of coffee in the new tea shop type place that has just opened in a farm shop near us Pearces Farm Shop it is lovely and new and a little bit not too common, gods I sound like a snob!  At least there were no horrid kids running around, maybe we will be able to afford a breakfast or afternoon tea there one day.

I am about to watch a new series to me ‘Once Upon a Time’, hoping it will be fantastical.  At the same time I will be painting my nails, haven’t decided on a colour yet.

Before I go though:



These are my husbands Angel Fish in his aquarium, I like the fact that it looks like a reflection of the fish, when it is in fact both.

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  1. Great shot! Love it :) ... Paranormal Activity - I've seen 1 and 2 - the scariest movies ever!!!