Wednesday, 5 October 2011

We’re all going to the zoo….

…today actually not tomorrow, and more of a wildlife park not a zoo.

Today my Mummy took us all here, and boy was it a lovely day, I was even prepared and wore suntan lotion!  Of course lots of photos were taken and animals were oohed and ahhed at.  I will share a few of the photos here, yes?

I’m not sure which pictures you can make out and which you can’t but in there there is piranha, piggy, chameleon, donkey, couple of monkeys (one with the reflection of Eveigh merging into it if you look REALLY hard!), buzzard, which is strange to think that we see these on a regular basis flying over our heads at home, bearded dragon (which I hope to own one day, not the one in the picture but one of my own) and Egyptian fruit bats, which were free flying in the enclosure and which for some reason I don’t think liked me too much as they were flying awfully close and one pooped on me!

When we got home it was much to much of a lovely day for us to sit indoors so I grabbed my knitting stuff, as I am making these this year with  these people, and enjoyed a little bit of the glorious sunshine in the back garden.

Grace was getting a bit cheeky with the hose so you can see she certainly got caught out when Mark sprayed her with the cold water.  Also a couple of photos of my own ‘wolves’, to me Amber has always had a look of wolf about her and Fynnlay is just chasing frogs in the pumpkin patch.

All in all a lovely day.  I didn’t so much mind the weather as the breeze is not as hot as it normally is in Summer.  The other bizarre thing is to sit in the garden in blazing hot sun and NOT hear birds chirruping, only crows/rooks cawing in the distance at the churchyard.

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