Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesdays child is full of Woe

According to the poem, this is true.  I am a Wednesday’s child and boy have I had live with it.


Generally on a Wednesday this is how I feel, I don’t know why, it has only just started creeping up on me, over the last two or three months.  I know it will happen and there is just nothing I can do about it.  I am irritable all day, would rather not talk to anyone, on these days it seems that people will try to do their very best also to irritate me.


So today as you can imagine not much happened.  Mark had an appointment with the hospital for an ongoing problem, which it seems will be ongoing for a while now as more tests are to be done.  Then we went to visit my Mum as she was having problems with her email.  Then to pick up little Gracie but before we could get to the school the car had a puncture, yay way to go!  Mark did change the tyre so it wasn’t too much of a problem but we were a little late in getting to the school.  Mark then bundled the girls in the car and drove off to sort out new tyre etc.. He left me at home so I could have some time to myself so caught up with last nights episode of The Great British Bake Off which I really enjoy, but alas this time I dozed off half way through, to be woken by the dogs barking at a horse being ridden out side the house!  Oh it does annoy me when that happens.

Well Mark came back with a little present for me, I kind of knew about it, he bought me some lovely wellies, which I am sooooo excited about.  The thing is I have wanted wellies for ages but being a little rotund, and as I mentioned before have HUGE legs, buying wellies is not easy.  Whilst we were shopping/window browsing I found a pair of wide calf wellies and tried them on.  They fit!!!  But me being me ummed and ahhed over them and walked away without purchasing.  Mark went back and bought them for me today, and the good thing?   They are PURPLE and pretty!

Might not seem like a huge deal to you, but to me, it’s great.  Can’t wait to stomp around in some mud now, going on a walk at the weekend with the doggies in the muddiest field I can find, such a shame about all this lovely weather!)


Tomorrow is WeightWatchers in the morning and then Stitch and Bitch in the evening.  We are having a ‘free’ week this week where we aren’t Stitching, instead we are meeting up at our local Hobbycraft and then out for a meal for the Bitching, it will be nice to go out I think, especially to see what goodies I can pick up in the store.


Cheerio for now.

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