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MASSIVE book sale

If anyone is interested I am selling some books!

I know I know, me selling!

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Books generally £1.50 for paperback and £2.00 for hardback unless otherwise stated. I will work out postage and fees depending on what you want and what they weigh. Really only want to use Paypal, but bank transfer at a push! All descriptions are taken from Amazon. May be some NSFW titles.


 006Paperback Product Description The Great Bear will descend from the skies, and with his paw, lash at the ocean. He will devour all the works of Man. Then he will sleep for ten thousand years, and the breath of his sleep will be death. The prophecy had come true. The world spun. Tidal waves lashed the planet, and a new ice age dawned. The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild, to hold their ground against the rising barbarian tide. Then two moons appeared in the skies, unleashing a terrible evil that threatened not only the new empire, but the survival of the world itself. 007Paperback Product Description The magic in the Valley is dying. In the forest, the cedar trees whisper the news. The age-old spell can no longer protect the land from its enemies. Four companions must find the sorcerer who conjured the ancient power. He has not been seen for centuries, hidden in the dark heart of an evil Empire. Their journey is desperately dangerous, and the travellers are shadowed by a mysterious figure. Is the shape-changing Ropemaker their ally? Or a deadly enemey? And does he command the deepest magic of all? That weaves and unweaves the great rope that is time itself.... 009Paperback Product Description Where the wild mountains of Caradore, in the northernmost part of Magravandias, reach the ocean, there the sea dragons make their mournful lament . . . The emperor, seeking the powers and ancient wisdom granted to the Palindrakes by the sea dragons, forces them to submit to a rite that surrenders their heritage to the fire god Madragore. Though the emperor has succeeded in subjugating the family, a secret female sect keeps alive the memory of the old magic until the time comes for a new Sea Dragon Heir to reclaim the powers of his ancestors. Now, three generations on, the twins Pharinet and Valraven Palindrake are about to discover their mystical heritage. The first book in a marvellously evocative trilogy. 010Paperback Customer review I recently spent a few months in the Philippines and this is the book I took. I copied the CD's onto my mp3 player making it even more portable. If you're familiar with Teach Yourself Books then you'll have some idea of what to expect. Unlike other language courses which apply the same method no matter what the language these books are written afresh by experts in the particular language. I'm not sure how much you can learn from a language book even with CDs. I suspect that some people have more of a talent for it than others. Personally, I have very little talent for languages and I suspect that this is why I made little progress and not the book's fault. What we have here is a concise and friendly introduction to Tagalog. If this is all that you're going to use then you'll find it heavy going because it covers a lot in a short space. It needs to be used along with other language learning activities. In this context it's a very useful resource and reference. I found that it explained the grammatical side of things very well. And compared with other things on the market it's great value. 012Paperback Product Description Short stories by various authors including Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce, H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany Jack Vance, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury

 014Large Paperback £3.00 Product Description More than three million readers have witnessed the return of the dragons... And now the books that began the best-selling "dragonlance" saga are collected in their entirety in this special edition, along with all of the artwork from the trilogy. This splendid collector's edition is a must for the millions of readers who fell in love with the fantasy world of Krynn.

 017Paperback Product Description Synopsis This collection of tales about the minor races of Krynn--the lovable, mischievous, and brave sidekicks of the "Dragonlance" heroes--also includes a novella. 018Paperback Product description, various short horror stories. Stephen King, Algernon Blackwood, Edgar Allen Poe etc... 019Paperback Book Description Enhance your Psychic Powers provides the reader with an insight into developing spiritual and psychic skills and provides a reference point for discovering about various esoteric disciplines. 020Paperback Product Description Synopsis A jealous rival for the affections of Laurana, the beautiful daughter of the Speaker of the Suns, concocts a scheme to destroy Tanis.

 021Paperback, this one is a bit old so only £1.00 Product Description In 1922, when Tutankhamen's tomb was uncovered, it revealed such a dazzling array of treasure that it was easy to forget that almost nothing was known about the "Boy King" buried there. Following in the footsteps of those archaeologists who made the extraordinary discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, Bob Brier brings to life the dramatic story of Tutankhamen. He seeks to reveal what happened to the young king and uses forensic evidence to show that Tutankhamen was brutally murdered.

 024Large Paperback £3.00 Product Description An omnibus edition of the three "Twins" novels, which chronicle the battles of light and darkness upon the planet of Krynn. The archmage, a warrior and a beautiful cleric of good travel back in time and force the gods to rewrite history, hence ensuring a future for the world. 025Paperback Product Description On his way back from the crusades, one of England’s most famous and romantic medieval kings was ship-wrecked and stranded near Venice. Trying to make his way home in disguise, he was arrested and imprisoned and effectively disappeared. He didn’t return home for another fifteen months, and at enormous cost – a quarter of the entire wealth of England was paid to win his release. The extraordinary events surrounding Richard the Lionheart’s disappearance provides the background to some of the most colourful and enduring legends – Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham, the discovery of King Arthur’s grave, and above all, the story of Blondel, Richard’s faithful minstrel, and his journey across central Europe – singing under castle towers – until he finds the missing king. Blondel’s Song tells the tale of one of the most peculiar incidents of medieval history, and the background to the real Blondel and his fellow troubadours, as well as the courts of love, the Holy Grail, emergence of gothic cathedrals like Notre Dame and Chartres, and the unique moment of tolerance in the West – when Europe shared a language, and a new culture of music, romance and chivalry. 026Hardback Kiron and his wing have made it to Sanctuary, the Lost City. Here they struggle to scrape a living and more refugees arrive each day putting extra strain on the dragon riders. But the gods provide yet Kiron knows he will have to deal with the very real and deadly mages, before they discover Sanctuary. And when they take his beloved, Kiron will risk anything to get her back, before they destroy her and others' lives.

 027Paperback Product Description Harrowing confrontations with the merciless Ilse Witch and the monstrous Antrax have already taken their toll on the crew of the Jerle Shannara, but their darkest adversary now snaps at their heels: the Morgawr - a centuries-old sorcerer of unimaginable might, who feeds upon the souls of his enemies. With a fleet of airships and a crew of walking dead men at his command, the Morgawr is in relentless pursuit of the Jerle Shannara. His goal is two fold: to find and control the fabled ancient books of magic, and to destroy the dark disciple who betrayed him - the Ilse Witch. But the Ilse Witch has already paid a heavy price for her actions. Exposed to the awesome power of the Sword of Shannara, and forced to confront the truth of her horrifying deeds, she has fled deep into her own mind. Now at the mercy of those who seek vengeance against her, the Ilse Witch has only one protector, her long-lost brother, Bek Ohmsford, who is determined to redeem his beloved sister ...and deliver her to the destiny predicted for her by the Druid Walker Boh.

 029Large Paperback £2.50 Product Description This book completes the splendid sequence of novels on the struggle between the independent Welsh Princes and the growing English strength which began with Here be Dragons, continued with Falls the Shadow and is now completed with The Reckoning. The major figures in The Reckoning are the splendid dominant King of England, Edward I, and The Great Llewellyn II, Prince of Wales. His long love affair and eventual marriage with Ellen, daughter of Simon De Montfort, provides the strong emotional interest in the book, while the political machinations of Edward against the Welsh and the Scots, together with Llewellyn's struggle to control the recalcitrant Welsh Princes provides the political and military drama.

 030Paperback Introduction to yoga 031Small Hardback £2.00 Synopsis This fully-illustrated and comprehensive book forms the perfect introduction to cleansing, showing you how to boost your health, energy and vitality. It includes a variety of methods for cleansing and detoxing the mind and spirit as well as the body. 032Paperback Synopsis Set in the world of Krynn these stories are tales of fantastic characters and magical happenings.

 033Large paperback £2.00 The World's Worst Murders: Single, Multiple, and Serial Killings...Murders of Passion and Cold Blood

 034Paperback 035Paperback Product Description Ordered by King Trent to determine the source of Xanth's magic, Bink and his companions were harried by an unseen enemy determined to thwart them. When even their protector turned against them, Blink still managed to reach his goal and carry out the King's orders...but the king did not expect Blink's next act--to destroy utterly the magic of Xanth! 036Paperback Product Description When a world renowned scientist is found brutally murdered in a Swiss research facility, a Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol seared onto the dead man’s chest. His baffling conclusion: that it is the work of the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years - reborn to continue their bitter vendetta against their most hated enemy, the Catholic church. In Rome, the college of cardinals assembles to elect a new pope. Yet somewhere within the walls of the Vatican, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to oblivion. While the minutes tick away, Langdon joins forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to decipher the labyrinthine trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome to the long-forgotten Illuminati lair – a secret refuge wherein lies the only hope for the Vatican. But, with each revelation comes another twist, another turn in the plot, which leaves Langdom and Vetra reeling and at the mercy of a seemingly invisible enemy… Angels & Demons is a breathtakingly brilliant thriller which catapults the reader through the antiquity of Rome, through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, deserted cathedrals and even the most secret vault on earth. As the prequel to Dan Brown’s worldwide bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, it has the distinction of introducing his readers to Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon.Angels & Demons begins the journey of enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war.

 037Paperback Product Description The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil. King Henry still holds the crown, but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella, and there are many eager to flock to her banner. Internal conflict weakens Wendar's defences, drawing raiders, human and inhuman, across its borders. Terrifying portents abound and dark spirits walk the land in broad daylight. Suddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict. Alain, a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles, and Liath, a young woman with the power to change the course of history. Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates. For in a war where sorcery, not swords, may determine the final outcome, the price of failure may be more than their own lives. 040Hardback Product Description Naomi Novik's stunning series of novels follow the adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they are thrown together to fight for Britain during the turbulent time of the Napoleonic Wars. As Napoleon's tenacious infantry rampages across Europe and his armada lies in wait for Nelson's smaller fleet, the war does not rage on land and water alone. Squadrons of aviators swarm the skies -- a deadly shield for the cumbersome canon-firing vessels. Raining fire and acid upon their enemies, they engage in a swift, violent combat with flying tooth and claw! for these aviators ride dragons. Captain Laurence is a satisfied man with a respectable commission aboard the ship Reliant. His career is born from a love for the sea and he takes his duty very seriously Months before the battle of Trafalgar, on patrol in the Atlantic, The Reliant takes a small French frigate, storm-damaged and possessing a fierce crew unwilling to surrender as easily as they should. On board Laurence finds a dragon egg -- a great prize as England is in sore need. Having spent months on a slow journey from Asia, the egg hatches. A sinewy new-born emerges from the fragmented shell, ignores his harness-bearer, approaches Laurence and changes his life. Hatchling dragons must be put in a harness immediately otherwise the dragon-young become hard to control -- fit only for the breeding colonies. The person chosen to first harness the beast must be an aviator, for the dragon will accept no other captain. The life of an aviator is not a desirable one; reviled by fashionable society, they live hard, lonely lives bound to duty and they frequently die young. Laurence must now join them; duty demands it, though his heart is broken. But, more astonishing than the dragonet -- named Temeraire by Laurence -- are the documents found with him, documents addressed to Napoleon from the greatest, most skilled dragon-breeders in the world -- the Chinese. The dragon Temeraire was meant for the Emperor Napoleon himself and promises to grow into no ordinary creature.

 041Harback Book Description National best-selling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey creates a vivid, dynamic fusion of the cultures of ancient Egypt and legendary Atlantis with the most exciting and believable portrayal of dragons ever imagined. The firstbook in this thrilling new series introduces us to a young slave who dreams of becoming a jouster - one of the few warriors who can actually ride a flying dragon. And so, in secret, he begins to raise his own dragon... 042Paperback Product Description Grundy Golem got no respect. So, to prove himself, he volunteered for a quest to find the long-lost dragon, Stanley Steamer. On the way, he somehow manages to free a damsel in distress-- but not without incurring the wrath of the Sea Hag in the process. And when it comes to avenging herself on Grundy, the Sea Hag will never give up.... 043Paperback Product Description Dor agreed to act as King of Xanth so long as Trent was gone for a week. But the weeks passed and Trent did not return. Dor knew he had to rescue his king but with no magic powers, how could it be done...? 044Paperback Product Description Smash, himself, was part ogre. Although ogres were considered so stupid they coud hardly speak, and spent their time eating young girls, seven assorted females had suddenly turned to him for guidance and saftety? In Xanth, one visit to the Good Magician Humfrey worked wonders....

045Paperback Product Description Reissue of the author’s most famous and well-loved work, the Starbridge series, six self-contained yet interconnected novels that explore the history of the Church of England through the 20th century. Jon Darrow, a man with psychic powers, is a man who has played many parts: a shady faith-healer; a naval chaplain, a passionate husband, an awkward father, an Anglo-Catholic monk. In 1940 Darrow returns to the world he once renounced, but faced with many unforeseen temptations he fails to control his psychic, most glamorous powers. Corruption lies in wait for him, and threatens not only his future as a priest but his happiness with Anne, the young woman he has come to love. 046Paperback Product Description Modern medicine has made death remote from our everyday experience, yet perhaps for this very reason we remain acutely conscious of our own mortality, and the physical aspects of death still arouse feelings of enormous unease. This is an examination of the secular side of death, consisting of bizarre and irreverent anecdotes and illustrated with grisly images. The author, a psychiatrist, writes with humour and an eye for the off-beat. He concentrates on the macabre, and records the lengths to which men and women throughout history have gone to cope with such fears as premature burial, posthumous indignity and bodily disintegration - not to mention simple obscurity. The book's topics include embalming, mummification, necrophilia and grave-robbing, and range from eccentric tombs to methods of embalming; from freakish deaths to the Necropolis Railway which once ran from Waterloo Station; from Emma, Countess of Mount Edgcumbe, who while lying in state in the family chapel awoke to find a sexton stealing her rings, to Count Karnice-Karnicki's contraption which would sound sirens and flash lights if a "corpse" were to stir in its coffin.

 047Paperback Product Description With its four-letter words and its explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse, Lady Chatterley s Lover is the novel with which D.H. Lawrence is most often associated. First published privately in Florence in 1928, it only became a world-wide best-seller after Penguin Books had successfully resisted an attempt by the British Director of Public Prosecutions to prevent them offering an unexpurgated edition to the general public. The famous trial of Lady Chatterley heralded the sexual revolution of the coming decades and signalled the defeat of Establishment prudery. Yet Lawrence himself was hardly a liberationist and the conservativism of many aspects of his novel would later lay it open to attacks from the political avant-garde and from feminists. The story of how the wife of Sir Clifford Chatterley responds when her husband returns from the war paralysed from the waist down, and of the tender love which then develops between her and her husband s gamekeeper, is a complex one open to a variety of conflicting interpretations. This edition of the novel offers an occasion for a new generation of readers to discover what all the fuss was about; to appraise Lawrence s bitter indictment of modern industrial society, and to ask themselves what lessons there might be for the 21st century in his intense exploration of the complicated relations between love and sex. 048Hardback £3.00 Product Description Hundreds of handy tips to make your home sparkle from the stars of the hit show How Clean is Your House? Kim and Aggie have taken the nation by storm, watched by over 4 million viewers every week as they transform filthy holes into gleaming palaces. Here, their fabulous tips for every cleaning situation imaginable are compiled, sweeping through a house from top to bottom, fluffy marigolds, big hair and lots of white vinegar at the ready. Filled with advice, fun and 'Kimmisms' - Scrub dear don't tickle - it's the perfect present for any home 049Large Paperback £2.00 Synopsis A collection of folk cures and remedies from around the world offers a fascinating testimonial to the imagination and resourcefulness of earlier times.

 050Paperback No Description, message if more info needed. 051Paperback Synopsis Tasslehoof Burrfoot unwittingly takes a copper bracelet belonging to Flint, and when Tanis vouches for Burrfoot's innocence, a surprising saga involving an evil stranger begins to unfold. 052Paperback Product Description In the beginning, before Thread, before the Dragons, before the Holds and the Weyrs and the elite Dragonriders of Pern, was just the great ships gliding through space with nearly six thousand colonists prepared to tackle the mighty task of beginning a new world on a strange planet. It was a jewel of a planet, with rivers and seas and mountains, and breathable air and growing things. Then came the terror. The strange, unidentifiable circles in the grass suddenly revealed a meaning, and every living thing was at risk. Many died -- a horrible and consuming death. All resources, every man, woman and child had to fight the terrible nightmare of Thread. But a new creature was about to save the planet. From the delicate fire lizards a new life was born -- a new symbiosis between man and beast. 053Large Hardback £3.50 No description, ask if more info required. 054Paperback Product Description The essential guide to using and enhancing Tantric sexual energy. Switch off the mind, awaken all the senses and become aware of your whole body. Tantra, known as the Tao of Love in China, is an Eastern path to self-development. Within Tantric thought, sexual energy is a key dimension of our bodies vital life force -- and it's an energy which needs to be harmonised if we are to live life happily and fullfil our true potential. The Tantra involves letting your mind go and becoming more expressive through your body -- Tantric Sex introduces the essentials of this simple, life enhancing erotic tradition. Rather than prescribing a set of impractical 'adventurous' sexual positions, the Tantra nurtures intimacy, sexual and emotional self-confidence, and the healthy development of sexual energy flow through the whole body. As the mind and body become harmonised, communication skills, personal creativity and spontaneity will be positively boosted by Tantric sex. Long term couples can find new, deeper and spiritual ways of expressing their sexuality and the healing of past sexual or emotional hurts will be encouraged too. Tantric Sex looks at: The union of male and female principles / The liberation of repressed sexual energy -- how to free your soul to fulfill it's potential. / How to tap into our natural fiery energy and discover a great lust for life. / How to use meditation, visualisation and fantasy to improve sexual and emotional confidence within a couple and in daily life. 055Large hardback £3.00 The symbolic meaning of the night world of the mind. 056Hardback Product Description This guide looks at 236 accounts of ghostly happenings throughout Britain, ranging from legendary to real-life experiences. Haunted houses such as Borley, Hampton Court and Glamis are covered along with lesser-known hauntings such as those associated with Woburn, the Gargoyle Theatre in London's Soho and Bury St Edmunds. Each entry includes the address of a nearby hotel to assist people planning an overnight stay near a haunted site. 057Paperback From the Back Cover The notorious author of pornographic novels, a sexual pervert who spent much of his life in prison and whose name was unmentionable in civilized circles. Only in recent times has the Marquis come to be seen as misunderstood; essentially a moralist, his exploration of the so-called dark side of the human psyche remains as relevant to our society as it was to his own. Gothic Tales will provide an excellent introduction to Sade's fiction; these accessible stories range from the dramatic novella Eugenie de Franval, in which a father's criminal passion for his daughter leads to intrigue, abduction and murder, to comic tales such as The Husband Who Plays Priest, concerning a lecherous monk who finds an ingenious way to combine clerical duties with secular pleasures. Sade's gift as a humorist are much in evidence, as is his particular delight in unusual marital situations - which invariably lead to the most diverting conclusions ... 'The book is indispensable reading to de Sade enthusiasts, and is also the best possible introduction for those who are not yet familiar with [his] work.' Literary Review The Marquis de Sade was born in Paris in 1740 and served as a cavalry officer in the Seven Years War. His debauched life led to long periods of imprisonment, during which much of his work was written. The revolution freed him and he became a zealous revolutionary; however the publication of such works as Justine and La Philosophie dans la boudoir resulted in his renewed imprisonment and in 1803 he was declared insane and committed to the asylum at Charenton, where he died in 1814. 058Paperback Product Description Originally published in 1994, this guide explains that chakras are energy centres of spiritual power found within the body, the seven major chakras relating to health and well-being, healing, psychic abilities and all spiritual growth. The book contains exercises to give practice in working with chakras. In the BEGINNER'S GUIDE series. 059Paperback Product Description The Legend Druss, Captain of the Axe: the stories of his life were told everywhere. Instead of the wealth and fame he could have claimed, he had chosen a mountain lair, high in the lonely country bordering on the clouds. There the grizzled old warrior kept company with snow leopards and awaited his old enemy death. The Fortress Mighty Dros Delnoch, protected by six outer walls, the only route by which an army could pass through the mountains. It was the stronghold of the Drenai empire. And now it was the last battleground, for all else had fallen before the Nadir hordes. And hope rested on the skills of that one old man... 060Paperback No desciption available, if info required please ask. 061Paperback Product Description The second edition of this introduction to tantric sexuality, originally published in 1997. It offers a radically different and exciting new dimension to sex within a loving relationship. It explains the practical techniques that you can try if you want to further your knowledge of esoteric lovemaking. In the BEGINNER'S GUIDE series. 062Large Paperback £2.50 Product Description 'The Sunne in Splendour' is a magnificent historical novel about Richard III. Set against a vast, colourful canvas it covers the whole period of The War of the Roses opening with Richard as a child of seven and following him through a turbulent youth and manhood to his betrayal and death at The Battle of Bosworth Field. The historical detail is brilliantly depicted and brings to life the atmosphere of the time with extraordinary immediacy and excitement. 063Paperback No description available, ask for details. 064Paperback No description. 065Paperback Customer Review This is the 4th and final book in Moorcock's `The History of the Runestaff' series, and features the conclusion of the epic battle between Hawkmoon and Meliadus. Slight rankles include Moorcock's unsatisfying tendency to glue his plot together by making all the characters slaves to an immutable fate, and given it's build up in the series when it's finally introduced the Runestaff itself doesn't actually seem to do anything much, but as a rollocking sword fast-paced finale this is stirring stuff. As a whole The `History of the Runestaff' is one of Moorcock's lighter works, but for a fun pulp fantasty this is enjoyable fluff. 066Paperback No description. 067Paperback Product Description M.R. James is probably the finest ghost-story writer England has ever produced. These tales are not only classics of their genre, but are also superb examples of beautifully-paced understatement, convincing background and chilling terror. As well as the preface, there is a fascinating tail-piece by M.R. James, Stories I Have Tried To Write , which accompanies these thirty tales. Among them are 'Casting the Runes', 'Oh, Whistle and I ll come to you, My Lad', 'The Tractate Middoth , The Ash Tree' and 'Canon Alberic s Scrapbook'. "There are some authors one wishes one had never read in order to have the joy of reading them for the first time. For me, M.R. James is one of these". Ruth Rendall 068Paperback Customer Review The Hungry Moon is very much a novel of two halves, with the reader having to plod through a mediocre beginning to reach an excellent climax. There are a number of problems with the first half of the book: the idea of an evangelist converting an isolated British village into rabid fundamentalism is fine, but by having almost the entire population convert overnight the novel loses any sense of reality; there are too many horror clichés - the isolated village no-one can escape from, the heroine with Celtic ancestry that enables her to see visions of the evil taking over the village, the mysterious old-timer who knows all the legends etc; and there are simply too many characters - Campbell seems to be aiming to build up the various inhabitants of the town, but without any clear lead character the focus is rather scattered, and we end up experiencing the same events (isolation, religious intolerance) repeatedly through different eyes. If you can keep going through this rather flabby first half though, you will be rewarded with a gloriously macabre finale, as the malevolent creature from the moon takes over the preacher and the town. This is great stuff, with Campbell pilling on the disturbing imagery, and even managing to sneak in some subtle riffing on the werewolf genre without making it feel old and tired. It's not all plain sailing, as the heroine's ancestral visions are an all too convenient plot driver, and the dangled threat of a nearby nuclear missile base fizzles out and remains unutilised, but the quality of the writing is such that it's easy to forgive these slips. A little too long and rambling, but once this story gets going it's a horror classic. 069Paperback Product Description The "Chakras" - from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" - are also knwon as lotuses or padmas and are centres of energy and part of a greater network of subtle energies pervading the body and are to be found within each of us. This guide explains where chakras are located; shows how a knowledge of chakras can help the indiviudal; and discusses how we can work with chakra energies and the chakra as a path to enlightenment. 070Paperback Product Description An illustrated guide to some of the most familiar yet misunderstood symbols and talismans. Learn about the talismans and amulets of the Celts, the Egyptians, the Chinese and more. 071Paperback Product Description This work is designed to enable anyone to master the art of reading hands, with a view to learning more about themselves and others. It looks at the themes of love and relationships, health, careers and money, and takes a case study approach, focusing on the hands of novelist Leslie Thomas. 072Paperback Product Description A debut horror novel featuring a vampire, Sonja Blue, who escapes from a mental hospital leaving a trail of corpses in her wake. As we learn about her early life, we are taken on a nightmarish tour of a world inhabited by other types of non-humans - ogres, zombies and, of course, vampires.

074Paperback Product Description One of a series of novels about the enchanted world of Xanth, a land of magic and myth, of ogres, walking nightmares, wizards, magicians and nymphs. It is a land where anything can happen - and frequently does. 075Paperback Product Description Book Three of the ELENIUM is fantasy on a truly epic scale, in which the Pandion Knight Sparhawk must finally use the power of the jewel. Aided by the goddess Aphrael, Sparhawk and his band of companions have recovered the magical jewel Bhelliom -- the Sapphire Rose -- from the cave of the troll-dwarf Ghwerig. Now they have the power to wake and cure Ehlana, the young Queen of Elenia. But while they were seeking Bhelliom, great forces of evil moved into the power vacuum left behind. The unholy triple alliance between Otha, degenerate sorcerer-king of the Zemochs, the renegade Pandion Knight Martel, and Annias, traitorous Primate of Cimmura, threatens to overrun all of Eosia. In returning to Cimmura to wake Ehlana, Sparhawk risks delivering the Sapphire Rose into the hands of his enemies, who will use it to give the evil god Azash dominion over the whole world. To stop them they may have to unleash the full power of the jewel, but no one can predict whether the world itself will survive such an event. THE SAPPHIRE ROSE is the gripping, brilliant conclusion to THE ELENIUM, a panoramic tale of a conflict between good and evil that envelops an entire continent. 076Paperback No Description 077Paperback Customer Review. This book is amazing, Bradley captures your imagination and takes you back in time to the time of Druids and the Romans and their unusual relationship. This is a story of how love and fate, will always triumph over all other things. Eilan and Gauis (or Gawen as his mother called him) are characters you can identify with.With them you share their joys and sadnesses. This is the true place to start reading the Avalon series. It is a must read for anyone who loves a tale of love, mystery, hope which is linked with history. The storyline will leave you wanting more and more. READ IT!!! you won't regret it. 078Paperback Synopsis Vlad Taltos, an assassin, takes the side of the Teckla, peasants who are in revolt against the Empire and his own family, the House of Jhereg. 079Paperback Synopsis Ehlana, queen of Elenia, clings to life by a thread, preserved within a diamond-like block of crystal conjured by a sorceress with the aid of a dozen Pandion knights. For a year, their lives will save hers. However there is a lost jewel which will save her life, if it can be found. 080Hardback No Description. Oh my goodness, that took forever!!!!! Now please buy some so I can buy MORE books!


Thanks for reading!!!!

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