Saturday, 24 September 2011

Family Time

Had a lovely day out with part of the Family today, that is to say Mark and Eveigh, Gracie is at her Nanny and Grandad’s until tomorrow.  We went to Hertford, which is our county town.  I took my camera but didn’t take any photos (‘thank the gods’ I can all hear you saying) so I wasn’t able to take any interesting photos of the town.  I like Hertford, there are lots of cute shops, not chain shops but lots of independent little places that sells ‘stuff’.  I wish I had had more money as then I would have probably bought more stuff.  We went in to every charity shop we could find, and can you believe this I didn’t buy anything for myself, and definitely NO BOOKS!  Actually that is a bit of a lie, I bought myself a pair of knitting needles as I am knitting myself a pair of gloves, I have lost the ones Mark bought me from last year to replace the ones the dogs ate! The needles I am using at the moment are plastic and just not very nice to knit with.

Mark was quite happy though, he wanted a pair of trousers, like work trousers I guess, for gardening, walking the dog etc.. and he found himself a pair of Ralph Lauren chinos for £5.00 so he bought those, he is getting refined in his old age.  I did manage to bag some books for Gracie though, five books for £1.00.  Next Friday the school are having a Roald Dahl day and she has to go in in fancy dress, she has decided she wants to go as a witch, from the witches, now there is a surprise.  I will have to see what I can do.


Last month I signed up to this and my box arrived yesterday, this is where the photos come in!

They were so lovely packaged, and I get something different every month.  It is not often I have lovely things for myself so this is my treat to me for a) losing weight and b) being a woman.  The perfume that came with this months is L'Agent which I had never smelled before, but I have been wearing today.  It is just my fragrance, as it smells of ylang ylang, geranium and undertones of patchouli and sandalwood.  It seems that this perfume was made for me.  I also got the sweetest little pot of Colbert MD, nourishing eye cream which I will put on tonight after I have cleaned etc.., anything to help with these bags under my eyes.  Some gorgeous Zoya nail polish which is in a gorgeous grey colour which isn’t too harsh.  Also something else which I am not sure I will use as it may be a little too ‘sparkly’ for me it is an eyeliner from Cargo cosmetics, the thing is I can’t find a photo of it.  The one I have is called silver and, as you can imagine it is silver and sparkly, I tried it today, but you couldn’t really see it.  Also an iddy biddy pot of Body smooth again this is something I haven’t used yet.  It apparently re-hydrates your skin, which I may give to Eveigh as she really suffers from bad skin on her hands, not so much dry but very very wrinkled on the palms, which makes her hands look really old.  Not sure if it is a ‘dry’ problem or just the make up of her skin.  There was a small bottle of Macadamia Hair Repair which looks really good, again not used as I really want to dye my hair, and this is even a ‘grown up colour’ a rich chocolate colour.  Go me I am maturing, is this because I am nearing forty?  Lastly I also received a couple of sheets of  Mai Couture Blot and Bronze which I have NO idea how to use.  I must admit I have always wanted to be one of these women that has a HUGE brush and just swish those bronzing ball things over my face and look pretty, I guess then I will have to work on that.  Sorry it seems to have turned into an advert for Boudoir Prive but I really liked what I got and in comes in a lovely re-useable box and all wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, makes me feel very ‘special’.

Eveigh is also beginning to love charity shops as she can find cheap skinny jeans, only £3.00 a pair is such a bargain.


I didn’t manage to get my jean refashioning done today, but I REALLY want to do them tomorrow, I have decided that I think I will make myself a skirt from them instead.  I am also looking hard for some calf/knee high boots, but for a porky girl it is difficult to find something that will fit over my HUGE calves.  The thing is even when I was at my smallest, and yes I did used to be small, honest!, I had big calves, and gods help if I start walking lots my muscles grow even bigger.


Well look at that two posts in two days, things may be a changing.


Ta ta xxx

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