Monday, 26 September 2011

All my troubles seemed so far away…

Yesterday was a strange day, it felt like I did nothing, but actually did something.

For one hour I peeled and cored cooking apples for stewing:

Of which I then made some into crumble, our version as two of my family members don’t like pastry, we use porridge oats.  It was enjoyed warm with a smidgeon of vanilla ice cream.  How do you have yours?


Then we went and cleared our sloe bush of berries for a dear darling friend who isn’t able to find any in the vicinity of where she lives, so our berries are now winging their way to her.  Whilst we were outside I came across a plant/weed growing in the garden and I have no idea what it is, so before it comes out of the ground (dogs and children and poisonous plants don’t mix) I took some photos that I thought I would post here so that maybe someone of a more horticultural nature would be able to identify for me.

Any kind of help would be jolly jolly useful.


As you saw from a previous post I photographed about a million* books and put them up for sale (big thing).

We also picked up a ‘couple of bags’ of crafty things from Freecycle, the couple of bags turned out to be 3 bags stuffed full of lots of crafty bits for kids, some of which were brand new, candle making, hair accessories etc... and even a portable cd/mp3 player, so now Gracie is in her element!!  In fact I did something to her hair last night after bath, no it isn’t the best, but that


took me long enough!  Only to be told this afternoon after school that she has told some of her friends that they could come round and I would do theirs too.  The thing is one of her friends has hair down to her bottom, it made my arms ache enough doing Gracie’s!


I will leave you with a photo of Gracie looking ‘moody’ in our orchard**.







*I don’t even have one million books, but it felt like that many. **We only have an apple and crab apple tree, not sure this constitutes an actual orchard.

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  1. I thought at first your mystery plant looked like Lady's Mantle but I'm not sure ... could be a member of the mallow family as they seem to spread and pop up all over the place. Hope that helps a bit.