Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just a quickie!!


I have made a pledge, to myself really, that I will no longer buy ‘new’ clothes, everything I get will be from a charity shop or I make my self!!!


If anyone has ideas or tips, please let me know.



I have some photos to put up soon.




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  1. I know how you feel, as I'm dieting at the mo I am gradually going down the sizes and finding I have "new" clothes that I bought years ago and still have the labels on!! I obviously didn't really need to buy them and I am determined to buy no new clothes until I am a size 10 hahahaha. Guess I'll never be buying new clothes again..
    As well as charity shops what about swapping with freinds, you can always alter items to your taste, style, size.
    By the way I love brads too infact the only reason I'm including them in the swap is I have 4 packs of each in my squirrel store hehe