Saturday, 18 June 2011

A quick update

Got the results of the last MRI, the tumours haven’t changed in size, so a couple more MRI’s and then if they are still the same then I won’t need anymore.

I will be having an MRI on my spinal area, as they think the pain on my left hand side is nerve related so they need to look into that.

Having to go to yet another hospital to start on a Pain Management course.


Good news, I have been commissioned to make something for someone, they asked me!!! Get that, woot!!!  Tad excited have you noticed?


Also selling Barefoot Books, well people can buy through me, but I haven’t sold anything yet.


Decided we are DEFINITELY having a veg garden next year, we will be cutting our garden in half and having half of it to veggies, so I get to use all my veggie/gardening book.


Erm, thats about it, but obviously I can’t leave without some photos, so let me see what I can find.


Brooch I made and have put up for sale.


Gracie with her tomato plant from school.

Our small veggie garden!! Pumpkins, onions and cucumbers.


That’s all folks.


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