Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Not sure if many of you know, but my youngest is ‘iddy biddy’ and we have problems getting clothes to fit her.  She has long legs and a tiny waist, for a seven year old.  So she tends to grow out of clothes quickly in the leg, but not so quickly n the waist.  She eats lots but just doesn’t seem to put any weight on.  Well seeing as we are coming up to Summer I thought that I would utilise a pair of grown out of jeans and make something she could wear.

Firstly I cut them into a pair of shorts, but she always seems to look too tom boyish and I thought them a little too boring.

As you can see.

So I raided my material stash, which can I say isn’t actually that big, and thought I could come up with something better,

I found some scrap material and hemmed the bottoms in a contrasting colour

And then I thought, I will add a few prettiness, and after some tweaking and sewing and lace and ribbon, I came up with this!



It took me all night, hence the colour change in the photos!!!


And here is Grace modelling her new old shorts!




I think she likes them!




Still here, not posting much, haven’t got too much to say.


Joined Weight Watchers and lost 6.5 lb in 2 weeks and also been swimming!!!


That’s it.


Will add more when I think of it.


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  1. She is truly loving those, I think you have a model in the making in her! Fab idea. Well done on the weight loss thats a fab achievement.
    Kandi x