Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What have I been up to?

Lots and lots and I am afraid because of this there are photos!!!

I have joined Swap-Bot which is brilliant, as long as you don't sign up to loads in one go!! I found that out and nearly had a heart attack worrying about getting stuff sent out on time, which brings me to my first photo!
I have a Swap Diary, just a normal diary with a little printed bit on it.  I put all the dates that the things have to be sent out by in there, with the address and what the swap is for, then I combine this with another little thing I found on another blog IHeart Organizing which is an AWESOME blog, makes me feel ashamed at the way I live my life but through her I think I am learning a bit.  Anyway, tangent there! Using the My Daily Goals sheet from this post I then put two or three days BEFORE the post has to go out what needs doing, making etc and I am never late again.

The second thing you see in the picture up there is my ATC record book, as I have just joined this goup which is ATC's for the UK, I sent off my first ATC's today, and as they have to be numbered I now have a little book to keep all the number and titles in and a folder on my PC with the photos in, along with uploading them of course to Flckr, which if you are so inclined to look is here.  The only problem is is my scanner seems to scan the cards really really brightly and I can't figure out how to change the settings, so cards that I think look awesome on there look a bit crap, something I will have to look into.

At the height of my stressy get things done day my desk really did look bad!
But after I had finally finished making and sticking and writing and putting away, it now looks like this.
Not as immaculate as it could be but workable.

I received a couple of swaps today, one from A Swap for All Seasons a beautiful brooch and cushion.
 The other was a card I received from a swap at Craft Bubble, I haven't used this site very much but I can say I have participated.

So to the swaps I have sent out.
These are the three ATC I sent out to UKATC, as you can see the scan has really ruined the colour as these are a lovely antique cream.

These are a Tea and Hearts lovers swap on Swap Bot
We had to send 4 different types of tea to two partners along with some lovely things, I found these lovely little teabag envelopes on line, so made them up for the bags, then added a recipe for shortbread to have with the tea, also a knitted heart for each.  Then one I gave some crafty bits for and the other I made a fairy ATC.

You see I really haven't been slacking.

Tomorrow I don't have too much making to do, so I will hopefully be able to share some photos with you for my day out on Monday at the Beltane Festival.

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