Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Swap for all Seasons

I take part in A Swap for all Seasons and the latest swap was a Brooch swap, in honour of Mothers Day, it is a bit later than our Mothers Day as it is generated in America.

I hadn't posted this picture previously as I wasn't sure my Swapee would see it, but here is what I sent.

I really hope she likes it.

Will post later what I got in return.


  1. The brooch is lovely. Wasn't this a fun swap. So many pretty vintage brooches.

  2. I hope you enjoyed this swap like I did. The brooch you sent to your partner is very nice, I am sure she will like it. Have a Happy Mother's Day. Hugs Mary

  3. Happy Mother's Day, your gifts are wonderful, your partner will be delighted I'M sure. HUGS MARY

  4. Hi Caroline,

    Thank you very much for sharing the pretty brooch you gave to your partner. Is that a little box (with angel) that it was sent in? I'm sure she will like it! I look forward to seeing the one for you.

    Have a wonderful day.