Tuesday, 31 May 2011


My lovely lovely friends, my first outing into selling my wares wasn’t very good Sad smile.  It is sad, the day on the whole was good, if a little windy but let me explain why I think I bummed!!


The ‘show’ itself is put on by the Dog Rescue place I used to Volunteer at, Mutts In Distress.  It is to raise money for Mutts and another group called BIGGSD, which is the biggest German Shepherd Forum in the world.  Well the show is staged twice a year once in May, the one I just attended and one in August, which no doubt I will be going too also.  Now the lady who runs Mutts also hosts the show, in her ‘garden’ as it were.  The Kennels are all on her land so the show isn’t open to the public, if you see what I mean.  It is open to people who have had dogs in the past from Mutts or through BIGGSD or other Dog Rescue Centres.  So it isn’t hugely advertised, everything that is there is donated, Barbecue, raffle prizes, show prizes (best dog etc…) and then you buy things when you are there.


There were two ‘main’  tents selling stuff from the two big rescue centres, not including Mutts, who all knew each other and have done for years, and they had lots of sales, mainly dog/GSD related items. 


Everyone brings their dogs and has a damn good day.  Which I did, I really enjoyed it but would have liked to have sold more than 3 things, especially as I put a lot of time in, as did my Mum (bless her heart, thanks Mum xxx)  I don’t begrudge not selling anything, really as I can no longer help with the physical thing of cleaning kennels and taking dogs for a walk as the pain I suffer wouldn’t allow, so this is my way of helping to give something to them, I just wish it could be more. 


On the up side I did sell my first Hope Heart™ as I am calling them, at my Folksy shop, and will continue to give 10% of everything I sell to Mutts In Distress to help in any way I can.




I will now get more stock so I can start having a Car Boot Sale, ease myself in gently I guess.  There is one in Bishops Stortford every Sunday afternoon, so I don’t have to get up too early, even though Mark has decided we are going swimming every Sunday morning.  Well how much of a ‘Mum’ am I? lol.




That’s really about it at the moment, apart from Stitch and Bitch which we are meeting every week this month as we are making Toys for Tots this month.  I have the task of finding Children's Homes in the area who would like the toys.  I emailed Dr Barnardo’s two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything back, which is a bit disappointing, but there are other home in the are I can try.


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  1. Shame you didn't manage to sell much, but keep going, I'm sure your next stall will go better.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sally.

    I just worry that maybe my stuff isn't good enough to buy, and that is way nobody bought anything.