Saturday, 14 May 2011

Good habits, die quickly with me!

So this is the score, all my good intentions, to do lists, pah, for some reason just went completely out of the window.  I don’t know why, I feel like I have been doing so much this week but when I look back I don’t think I have managed anything.  I will try again to get back on track, wish me luck.


You see even now I am sitting here thinking what I can write and nothing comes to mind.  I have made a couple of little things this week, but haven’t photographed them yet.  I have even brought the BIG camera out of retirement to see if I can get nice photos.


I will be researching going to Farmers Markets to sell my wares, but I think I need to get some ‘stock’ behind me first.  I love The Shed™ but I tend to get lonely in there, so I seem to distract myself with the PC which is in our bedroom, I do have a small notebook that I can use and external hard drive, but then I tell myself I need a printer, well it seems we will get around that one too.  We will be changing ISP and the one we are going with the deal gives you a free printer so I will have that in The Shed™ too.  Maybe I just need to put cute things in there, give it a lick of paint etc… I should maybe come up with some competition with all you lovely crafters and things out there and see if maybe YOU can come up with a plan!!!

Talking about crafters have any of you paper crafter types used one of these and if you do do you think they are value for money. I keep looking at it on the website but I can’t talk myself into buying one, maybe that’s my answer, that I don’t really need one.



Ok here are a few photos from this week, what you didn’t think you would get away with it did you?


This is a sticker ATC for Swap-Bot, we had to make an ATC with at least 5 stickers on it.




Another to send to different swappee.


This is Chilly, the first is Skelly



This one two swaps I received, one is a finish the sentence postcard swap on the left.  The rest of the bits are a Pen Pal swap, the lady sounds lovely so I will be sending a letter back to her.



This was a little bit harder work, I have two partners and each partner I have to send out 7 hand written Recipe cards, which was nice but I wanted something a little different, I scoured on line and found Shabby Princess, if you get the chance I heartedly recommend you look on there, anyway I digress I made little recipe card holder boxes to send to my new swappees I hope they like them.



Can’t really think of anything else at the moment.  I must remember to update on here daily or else the weekly catch ups will be HUGE!!


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