Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Working again today. I have found a lovely 'app' for Facebook which allows you to have a shop from there! How cool is that? The down side is it takes AGES to actually put stuff on there so that is a long job to do in the evenings when I am not out in 'The Shed™' I will update on Facebook. I am putting photos up as I go along with details and such but will make proper purchasable bits as and when!

Talking of 'The Shed™' I have some photos of it, if you are at all interested.

This is the front of it, yes it needs repainting but I think I have used up all the purple paint and I don't have any money to buy any more at the moment! 
This is just as you walk through the door, all my bits and pieces all over the table, yes I am a messy person! Even the curtain on the window needs repairing! 
The drawers which hold my material and cottons and such like, also all my crafting magazines and books and stuff.
My lovely jubbly Lloyd Loom chair, in original colour, I couldn't bare to paint over it.  Can you see the way the sun comes streaming, it is lovely to get all this natural light.

I have to take my Mum to the vet's tomorrow, well not my Mum but her and her dog for his annual booster and then she is going to come over and we are going to 'work'.  Should be nice, hopefully both of us can fit in 'The Shed™' 

Also tried my hand at painting some little pictures but am unsure of them so at the moment I don't want to share them too much! Boo hiss me. I know I know.

Posting off a swap tomorrow, I do have photos but don't want to share them yet until I know my swapee has hers as it may spoil the surprise if she happens to see them anywhere.  I do hope she likes it though, I worry so much about things like that I end up making myself ill over it.  Silly me

Well it was just a little catch up, to try and keep people interested.  I read so many of peoples blogs I am sure I lead a fairly boring life, but I would like to share with you all if you don't mind.

Light and Blessings to you all  

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