Monday, 25 April 2011

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz....

Oh people let me apologise AGAIN for not being so good at keeping up with things. I have been constructive though.

I now have a Folksy shop, which I blogged about before but so I have been putting things on there, haven't sold anything yet but you know, patience is a virtue and all that!

Also I am going to a Beltane Celebration at the end of the month and will be taking all my handmade cards with me and some other goodies I have made too, which I will share with you here if I may. I haven't listed them on Folksy yet as I wanted to see what the response will be in the 'real world' first!

These are little knitted cupcakes, really easy to do and can really be done in any colour.

Lovely cute little hearts, again can be done in any colour, easy to make but a little fiddly!!

Little Rose Brooches, these take a little longer.

This is a one off at the moment, it is a cotton headband with 3 little roses knitted and attached to it. I really should see if I can get some better photos before I put them on Folksy.

I am having so much fun making these.

I have also joined an ATC swapping group I haven't signed up for anything yet.

My two postcards I sent through Postcrossing have been received so that is all good, I just wonder if I will get anything back.

I now have a little crafting 'shed' which I am still sorting out as to how I want it and will take photos when I remember to take my camera out there.

I have also made a little knitted 'Daisy Chain' bracelet which I need to take photos of, and some little decoupage pictures on mini canvasses, so all in all I have been a busy bee

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  1. Hi Caroline! Lovely knits...colours are fab.
    I've just got my shed sorted out too. I might move into it!