Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beware this could be a rambling tangent of a post!

We had a lovely day yesterday, looking round a toy museum and Norman Castle.  It was quiet, there weren't too many people there.  I think a lot of people really did stay in and watch the Wedding as the roads were quiet too.

I am a member of LibraryThing and have put my name down to review a few books, I have won lots of eBooks, but one I had forgotten about turned up this morning from America, so I have a lovely brand spanking new First Edition book!! Can't wait to read it.  I do have a little button there on the left hand side if you are interested in what my Library looks like!

I am a member of a local Freegle site (a bit like Freecycle) and I have been saying lately how I want a tea cup and saucer, I much prefer tea, when I drink it our of china.  Well on this site someone has offered some 'Bric a Brac' saying that there was crockery textiles etc... so I send a polite email saying that I am starting out trying to make crafting items to sell and was thinking about upcycling and some of the textiles and crockery may be good for that.  Lovely lady emails me back and says, yes I am free to have it and gives me her number to arrange for me to go and collect, she isn't that far from me.   I give her a quick ring, to find out she runs her own house clearance company but has just become inundated with stuff, she hasn't the time to go through everything to take to charity shops etc... so she has all this stuff, which includes 2 boxes of books, and I am going to collect it tomorrow.  I feel all excited about it and can't wait to go and get it, feeling a bit like Christmas.  Of course Mark is saying 'you do realise it will all be old tutt don't you?'  I know it will but you know the old saying, one man's rubbish is another man's gold (or something similar)

Anyway on with some photos! (I know you are dying to see them)

Grace, Mark and some random person they found on the way to the Museum! 

Mark and Grace sharing a Father, Daughter moment! lol

Grace having a moment with a rather large Polar Bear.

Fairground mirrors, don't you just love them?  Here is Yours Truly.

One of my favourite characters from childhood.  A.L.F

One of my scariest memories from childhood.

The tour guide of the castle, locking Grace in a pillory 

The one thing that many a woman like me would have hated to see in the Middle Ages.  The Ducking Stool.

An ancient Fertility Chair, which yes I did have a go on.  Now if I get pregnant there will be an uproar, it will be the next coming of Christ (the immaculate conception)

So tomorrow will be a lovely day looking through other peoples rubbish :), and picking up Eveigh from a party she has been to tonight.

Love and Light to you all 

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  1. lovely pics. Can't wait to see what goodies you get from the freegle lady. I always think that it must be great to do house clearances because it'd be a bit like finding treasure when you found something great in a house where you'd least expect it x