Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yesterday I went to the Doctors, I had to see a different Doc as mine was on annual leave.  He has given me some more pills (yay) and these painkilling plaster type things which I have to wear for 12 hours and then take off for twelve hours and put on again for 12 hours, I think you catch my drift.  They seem to be helping.  I also have to have another blood test this time he is checking something to do with my bones as all the pain seems to be in my ribs, he did mention something about it being to do with a trapped nerve because of a disc in my back, or something!!, but we shall see.

Mark is ill in bed again at the moment.  I think he is getting more and more depressed because of the pain in his back, and now the surgeon has discharged him from the hospital care, even though Mark was told that he would be getting some pain killing injections fro his back as he had before.  After speaking with the GP, both Mark and the GP think that some information has been mis-communicated between the surgeon and the regristrar which is why he has been discharged, so the GP is looking into this also.

I worry about Mark, when we first met he was this chilled out guy who never got phased by anything, and now he is stressed by the smallest of things and I don't seem to be able to help.  As a family, or even singularly, we don't have any friends so it's very hard to talk to anyone or ask for help.  After a while the loneliness gets us both down.

I really shouldn't be moping around, it is a lovely day out there but life sometimes gets the better of me.

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