Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catch up and such

Long time no see, I hear you all mutter to yourselves. I am sorry.

BT really messed up this time, we had been without Internet for about 3 weeks and for part of those three weeks we even had someone elses phone number!!! So a right royal cock up on their part. Yes we have complained and we will be asking for compensation, well when they can be bothered to answer us. Mark put in an online complaints thingy from their website over a week ago and we STILL haven't heard anything. Well done BT very helpful.

So what have I been up to then?

I have been working hard to get some stock made (not chicken or vegetable) for a 'thing' I am going to at the end of April. It is The Catuvellauni Grove's Beltane Celebration and Workshop Day, so a celebration and also a place where you can sell some handmade things if you like. I am making cards and cross stitching, I also want to have a go at painting some small canvasses. I know what I want to do, whether I can get it on to canvas is another matter. I would dearly love to take photos of all the cards I have made also, but alas I don't think I can, there are so many that it will take forever and I have already put them in their little plastic bag thingys, which I don't think will photo very well. I have also been working a lot with Decoupage which I enjoy, so there will be loads of those.

I just seem to be ill again at the moment and really really down. The doctors have changed some of my anti-depressants for a 'cheaper' version and I have been told to keep an eye on my moods because of this, Mark thinks I am getting worse though so need to speak to them. I am off to the docs tomorrow, as instructed, as the pain seems to be getting worse and spreading and now I have pains over the site of my liver also. Yay!!!

Quick photo posts and then I think that's it for the moment. I wish I had an exciting life where everyday I could tell you all more of what I have been up to, but at the moment/ever nothing is happening!!

Eveigh and Grace at The Broadway Hotel and Carvery, Letchworth. My Mum wanted to take us for a meal and liked the look of this place on line, nice Carvery etc.. We got there, Mum, Grace, Eveigh and I; Mark was at home as he was really ill. By the time I got there I thought I was going to be violently sick. The service wasn't particularly special, the staff just seemed to hurry you all the time, and the food wasn't anything special. I don't think we will be going back, but, we did enjoy the Morrissons next door!!!

This was taken at Devils Dyke, Wheahampstead. Information of which you can find here, Grace and I went to meet the guy who runs the Druid Grove that I will one day belong to, and we walked around it as it is close to where he lives.
Just to give you a scale of how deep it is, Grace trying to get to the tree.
And the beautiful still water which we walked to. Grace collected no end of old stones and feathers, which I now have to put a shelf up in her bedroom so she can start her collection, just like Mummy's.

This is a cross stitch picture I made for a Secret Swap on LJ, hope the other person liked it, it took me ages to do, I under-estimated the amount of time it was going to take me!

That's really all there is at the moment, I have a few letters to write to people and about another 12356549851316 cards to make, maybe at some point I will get some more photos of them. I really should.

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