Friday, 11 February 2011

Just a quickie

So I have some new photos to share again, oh my you must be getting bored with me!!

I buy my DMC threads quite cheaply and they come on little cardboard skeins, but they are always muddled and I am bored with keep sorting through them all to find the specific one I want so I made one, here is how it turned out!

A few of the unorganised skeins

Box to put them in.

Silks in box.

Silks all sorted into caddy, ahhh organisation.

A teddy cross stitch made for one of Graces friends who is seven on Sunday, I hope she likes it.

This is a card for someone who I am entered in a secret swap with and I hope she likes it, along with her present I am sorting for her too.

Not much else is happening today, I am busy making something for the said secret swap, she did say she liked handmade presents so I hope she like what I make her.

I must admit that I am a little obsessed with a program on ITV at the moment called May The Best House Win, which is a little like Come Dine With Me, but with houses.  I really like it because there are some interesting houses on there and they do give me some ideas of decorating that I may be able to incorporate in my house.  At the moment I am trying to 'gee' Mark up to move the washing machine into the kitchen.  We do have some outbuildings where, at the moment, our washing machine and freezer are, but every year we have the same problems of the water freezing up in the winter.  So I think it would be easier in the kitchen, but alas we aren't the best people to deal with DIY and we are both not particularly in very good health to be scrabbling around under cupboards, we shall see.

Looking forward to going to Homebase/Focus tomorrow to look at things we will need to decorate the living room, we are finally going to start on how we want it.  I am hoping that 2011 will be OUR year.

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