Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Helloooooo my lovelies!

Well here I am with a post that is mostly very overdue, and I know I don't have very many followers but I hope that one day to have more so I guess I should try harder!!!

I think I will start of with the obligatory photo post of everything that has been happening.

Firstly we had a small death in the family, not sure I have shown you photos of him before but please meet Larry, he is (was) a Blue Lobster.

He was beautiful and my photography skills are just not up to taking very good shots of him.

As you can see by the time he died he was as long if not longer than a Sky Remote, not bad for an animal kept in a tank and was only about 2 inches when we got him!

Here is a macro of his head, being dead the colours just don't show up but he was a glorious royal blue and scarlet red colour.

Anyway enough of the sadness, lets see if I can find some more jolly photos!

Grace enjoying the snow and looking all snuggly warm

Grace has always wanted to go on a sled and we had never really had any snow so this year when it was we took her out on Marks old childhood sled, knowing that Amber is part Husky she took to it like a duck to water.  They did have fun and so did Grace.

Next to come was Christmas!
We made Reindeer food, which had sparkles so when it was put on the lawn it would shine in the moonshine and Santa would know where to stop.

Then we had Santa's goodies, which were all out on a plate that Grace made for him at her school

The girls love to colour so we found some pictures of Christmas themed things and they coloured them in and then we had a Christmas Corner!! 

Eveigh with some of her presents, make up  Happy Bunny.

Grace with her presents, she is a simple child and books to her are an excellent choice! 

Now for some random photos that don't really belong anywhere! 

Eveigh and Mark having a father daughter moment at Christmas!
Mum and her rescue dog Jacob, Christmas Morning and Jacob looking mighty fine in his Christmas Bow!
This house I pass every time I go to my Mums and I love it, it just makes me feel happy.
This young Oak managed to keep hold of his leaves all through winter, I like the way this one looks like the Spider Silk has actually kept it all sewn together.
This is my little 'sewing' craft area, all my card making supplies are upstairs.
One set of little Cross Stitch picture I have done, I am working on others, only one of which I have as a WIP.
Another Cross Stitch, WIP, crap photo as it was taken on my BB.

Hand Knitted 'Monster' I made for Grace.

This is a Fabric Swap that I was part of, I made this.  It is the first thing like it I have ever made, it also had a fragrance sachet in it which smelt of Cinnamon.  The one I received really put me to shame, it was gorgeous.  As yet I haven't taken a photo of it and I won't steal a photo from my swaps Blog, but you can see it here it is so gorgeous.
Quick Manga Drawing Eveigh managed one evening.

Well that is enough of a photo catch up, but what has been happening with me.

Well I am still in constant pain and am on lots of meds to help with the pain.  I have now managed to see a specialist, and at the end of February I am getting an Endoscopy, which I really am not looking forward to.

Mark has been to the Hospital and the surgeon has told him that his back operation has failed, after pretty much 18 months he has had no bone growth, which is rare, and he has to now again act as though he has just had his fusion.  He is on the list for facet joint injections into his back, which he has had before.  At the moment he is on Morphine patches to help with the pain.  We really are a poorly bunch but we struggle by.

Well onwards and upwards, I will write more tomorrow as I feel I have been sitting here for hours.


  1. Ooh hello Caroline.... lovely to see you! I've really enjoyed going through your lovely photos. Thank you for the letter. Will be replying soon! Love Jan x

  2. Welcome to blog land. I have placed my name on your follower list, looking forward to getting to know you. Your fabric swap is just lovely, I am sure your partner is going to love it. Have a great day. HUGS MARY

  3. This was my first fabric collage, too. I know the feeling about making that first one. It is a bit intimidating. I think yours is just precious and would love to have been the recipient. You did a great job. Hope Mark is feeling better. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for many years to a deteriorating spine from adolescent onset scholiasts. There is NOTHING worse. I have walked the walk so can talk the talk from experience. I only hope things improve for him. XOXOXO genie