Monday, 22 November 2010

Where to start

For the new people I must apologise in advance for my non eloquence in the way I write, most of my posts come out in disjointed ramblings, which is pretty much how my mind works, which is why I take photos to add to the nonsense which is my mind.

So this is what has been happening with me.

Friday I went to visit my Mum, I needed some paper doilies, for Christmas Decoration Making™ and I have no idea where to get them from, Well I thought my local Tescos would have them, but apparently not.  When I go to my Mum's I like to go into the small town in which she lives as we have to pass through a small garden and passed the river where there are always ducks.  There is a small place where the road goes through the river and in normal circumstances it is so easy to pass, at the beginning of the year after all the snow and bad weather we had the road became impassable, there was a torrent of water gushing through, as you will be able to see from the photograph, it is really not that strong a river!
A few ducks braving the sharp coldness of the water.  This photo isn't taken at the best angle, I am standing on the path which runs one side of the river.  After walking along the path for a while, passed a really pretty chocolate box cottage, with hedges which have been 'pruned' (not sure of the correct terminology) in the shape of rabbits, I really must get a photo of them! 
This is one of the flower beds in the gardens, looked and felt pretty on a miserable day.  This is something that I want to do in my front garden to assist with wildlife and birds.  
This is a small, young Oak growing merrily at the side of the gardens, I went and had a word with him as my family looked on and laughed.
After my chat I looked up into his young leaves and saw him harbouring a web, clinging on to his lush green leaves for as long as he could.  I left him my love and walked away.

We then walked further into town and caught up with the shopping I needed, which was some more paints for the Christmas Decoration Making™, Mum also bought me a large colourful cardboard box to keep all the children's art and crafts stuff in, it also stops them raiding my stuff as I have a large set of drawers and boxes for my bits and pieces.  We then went to have a coffee, there is this small coffee shop that has opened in town so Mum bought us all coffee, where my Brother and Sister In Law found us as they were visiting today, so we all sat down for coffee and chats.  Mark and Eveigh both had Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings; cream, chocolate and marshmallows which came in a little pot for you to add yourself.
The rest of the day kind of passed with out incident.

I let the dogs out in the evening, around 9.30 and stood outside and just took in the ambience.  The smell of woodsmoke in the air, the sky was clear but the night wasn't cold.  When I looked up to check the stars, the good thing about living in the middle of nowhere is no light pollution and I love to look at the stars, when Grace is up and awake I point out many of the constellations to her, anyway I digress.  When I looked up the moon was shining down on me and looked beautiful shrouded in her white gown.  I ran indoors and got my camera, hoping to catch her elegance, the majestic beauty that radiates from her.  My camera is nothing special but I did manage one shot.  It doesn't fully show her beauty, but it will remind me of the feeling I had when I took it.

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