Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Well I didn't post yesterday as I was waiting for some photos to be uploaded that I took, but they were huge so I uploaded them over night and have now managed to get back on the PC after catching up with this weeks episode of Fringe!

Yesterday was one of those beautiful Autumn days, fog was in the air which dampened all noise, so you could stand outside and just here the Earth talking.  This is mainly why I wanted to take photos, the mist hugging the landscape.  I had to pick Eveigh up from college at around 4pm so managed to catch the last of the light and the setting of the sun, in all his golden glory.  So I do have a few photos to share today.

This is the view from Eveigh's back window, behind the line of trees you can normally see a field.  Not today this mist/fog was to dense, but the sun is trying his hardest to push through.

This is the view on the way to college just at the top of the road from the house, the mist missing one field but hanging on tightly to the next.

This is taken from the same view point but across the road, I love how you can hardly tell the difference between the landscape and the sky.  If you look you can see the field then mist a line of trees and what seems like mist again, but is in fact clouds.

Again taken from the same area but I wanted to show the moon smiling down on us, the colours of this I thought were beautiful and the expanse of sky reminds me how small we really are and how we should not take our lives for granted how we must make the most of every moment.

The last two are photos of the sunset, which as you can imagine was beautiful with the mist that was about.


  1. Hello Caroline:)

    Thanks for becoming a follower.

    I have been very bad lately keeping up on my blog, so much to make before Christmas!!

    My Blog Shop is almost empty too:( I plan to start on it seriously in January!

    I just love your photos and every time i see a field shrouded in mist I am in awe.

    Myself and Son were walking through Exeter yesterday and the moon was in the sky, I said to him, "isnt it amazing to think we are just hanging here"? I think he thought I had lost the plot, haha. But it does amaze me, more so as I get older I think.

    Michelle x