Tuesday, 23 November 2010


On Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day with Grace.  We went to Rye Meads Nature Reserve where once a month they have a Wildlife Explorer day, where children can come and have a couple of hours learning about the nature that is all around them.

We found the place and had a quick look around the visitor centre and then I paid for Grace to be a junior member of the RSPB, which she is really excited about.

Parents didn't have to stay but I really wanted to.  First we had to get into two teams, and we played a quick break the ice type game.  We all had to write on a piece of paper one thing we enjoyed doing and then we had to screw the paper up and the other side then had to get a piece of paper each and between them they had to try and guess who wrote what and we had to do the same.

Once we had all finished we then had a check list given to us to see which team could find the highest amount of animals, birds and insects.  So with all the children biting at the bit we started.

Children lifting logs to count mini beasts, we found the usual suspects of spiders, beetles, slugs etc.. but we did come across one newt.

Mallards looking for fish, This was taken from one of the hides.  There were a few coots around which we could see pulling up fish, but alas my camera couldn't cope with getting in that close.

A shoveller duck.  I had never seen one of these before so this was a nice find for me.

Shame about the nettles but some lovely fungus none the less.

Grace raring to go, and hating the fact that she has to stop so I could take a photo.  She does seem to have problems with me and the camera, I think it is because I tend to take it everywhere!

Walking back to the beginning one of the children spotted the perfectly formed nest which had for some reason fallen out of the tree.  The funny thing was it was still attached to the branch, so the whole branch had broken off.  The branch wasn't big but it was still strange.

Sadly we didn't win the competition, but we had a lovely day anyway, the only thing is they don't have anywhere there to get anything to eat, so I must remember to take some sandwiches next time.

Later that afternoon we sat and watch How to train your Dragon, which we had just bought on DVD, this was the first film I saw at the cinema in 3D so it was nice to have it, and I do like anything to do with dragons.

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