Monday, 29 November 2010

Oh Dear

It has been forever since I Have posted and for that I apologise, the people who are new here will not know that I have been ill since July with a problem that no one could diagnose.  Well finally it has been given a name Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, in short I have benign tumours all in my liver, which as yet I have no idea what the treatment will be.

I have some photos to show you all again a photo journal as it were into what I have been up to.

With the coming of Yule I have made an Earth Goddess and Sun Child, which will be placed in a cave on Yules Eve, which this year coincides with a Full Moon, which should be ultra special.

I am not the best seamstress but I do what I can, the figures were just made from odd fabric I had just bought from Ebay, remnants from a lady that makes things for doll-houses apparently.  Whilst reading through different journals I found people who have been needle felting.

It looks really interesting and the things you can make are beautiful, but I believe it to be time consuming.
My craftiness doesn't stop at sewing, I bought a magazine the other day which had all the materials needed to make lots and lots of different knitted projects, and seeing as my Mum has forever been casting on and off for me if I wanted to knit a scarf that I thought I would buy it and teach myself to blinking well knit finally.  Well my first ever fully made by me creation was a cupcake for Eveigh.
It isn't anything special, but it is special to me because I made it!

At the moment I am cross stitching a little dragon, which I love of course, but cross stitching always hurts my eyes and make me feel a tad dizzy, so I have to keep stopping.

We haven't had any snow as yet, but have had a few crispy mornings, which is lovely.  I have been over to my Mums again and taken some more photos!  This is one of the topiary rabbits I was saying about in a previous post, the best thing is the name of the house:

The Pigs nose, doesn't it just sound brilliant.

This is a shadow of me, chasing after my Mum who, along with most of my family, is bored with me constantly taking photos!!

This other one I just loved the look of all the leaves on the ground.  They weren't crunchy though.  One thing I have noticed lately is the amount of green leaves still on trees, even now after all this frost we have had, are the trees late in shedding or is the frost and snow early this year?

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