Monday, 15 November 2010

Here comes the words!

Today I spent time in the garden, we have to go in the garden frequently because Amber tries to escape to get chickens, so we are always out there to stop her from getting over the fence.  Obviously the dogs need the toilet and when they need to go, well we need to go too, outside.

I took some photos of my garden, partly because I needed a photo of the day for LiveJournal where I also have an account, and I felt like taking some photos!

This is Amber in her corner where she escapes.  The photo is blurry because she always hates to have her photo taken, I know it sounds strange as she is only a dog, but when I get a camera out she hides away from it.

This is the last poor wee rotten apple left on our apple tree, he is so sad and lonely on the tree and see him staring down looking at his fallen brethren, the fact that his fallen brothers look healthier than him is a small miracle.  We didn't actually eat any of the apples from the tree this year, I think the dogs had most of them, I do recall seeing them eating a couple straight from the tree.
My precious Crab Apple tree, which my Mum brought with her when she lived with us.  Look how the hardy buds hold on to their water, feeding and nourishing them.  Every year we have a glut of these tiny little apples, which don't grow that big and i have no idea what I am supposed to do with it.  When the time is right I am using this tree, if I am allowed to become part of my own grove in the garden, a place of calm and peace, somewhere to shade under the sun, or take shelter from the rain.
Poor pretty fairy, hung in the crab apple, hugging herself against the darkening sky of the evening.  She still sits proud and protecting.  This sweetie used to have wings, but after a rough night they broke off.  I have still got them just never got round to sticking them back, I am afraid she will fly away and leave me if I do.
My rainbow windchime, floating gently on the breeze, reminding me of the colour there is in dark, and to never forget to look on the bright side when things get unclear.  
My small collection, which I will add to when ready.  Hanging in my tree providing music for the spirits.
My faithful greengage tree, which we have never had gages off of, as the birds eat them before we get round to it.  This one standing tall and proud.  I love how you can see new growth coming through already, stretching to the light through the dark nights, waiting to flower into something beautiful come next year.

I am supposed to be finishing my assignment, which I will do in a while, but my fingers feel like ice, the sky is as clear as a window out there tonight which means the house will get extra cold.  I ordered myself a beautiful cardigan, and when it turned up it managed to be a pack of t shirts, so I am yet to be able to snuggle in it and keep myself warm.  A special friend has knitted me a hat though which I wear when it is particularly cold, if it doesn't get any better I think it might have to come out.


  1. Hi, thanks for popping by. As you will see from my blog I too love nature and am always amazed by it. I look forward to following your progress in blogland. I thought I would never have enough to say, but now its harder trying not to say too much.
    Good Luck

  2. how lovely to have a glimpse of specialness in your garden... thank you for pointing this blog out, I'll be adding it to my rss :D

  3. I love the look of your blog Caroline!....well done for starting out on this journey...

    ...and welcome to my band of'll be nice to have you around. :-)

    x Chris

  4. Hello Caroline - thank you for becoming a follower of Hildaland, and I hope you enjoy the stories!
    Those little crab apples look like Siberian crab apples to me and they make fabulous crab apple jelly. I can send you the recipe if you like :-)