Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 28th

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

This will probably turn into a relatively rambly post, so I apoligise in advance.  I know what I want to say but it might not come out right.

Anyway, at the beginning of the year I was privelaged to follow a special someone on Facebook and Bloglovin.  In fact I had been following her for a while now, no it doesn't make me a stalker, just an appreciater of creativity.  This person is Kitty Pinkstars, she describes herself as Cartoon life in a Real world and she is just a wonderfully positive person.

Well she has a beautiful Etsy Shop where her Cartoon creations come to life. 

As you can see I have bought a few things from her, personalised cards and a little stuffed Billy from Saw, this one was especially for Eveigh.

Well this year Kitty has gone a little Lucha Mad, all for her love of Wrestling and has started a Lucha Club, if you look in her shop you will be able to see a few that have been made already.

Also each month Kitty creates Lucha Positivity packs, this month was the rather ravishing Rodney Rabbetts, of which I have a pack.  I have started a positivity journal, which I am putting the stickers in and working toward my Rodney Badge! Anyway, this is really helping me toward being more positive about things.  I realised that one of the tasks for this month was to take a photo every day, I haven't managed this, but I didn't worry as I tried to find the positive in every day.

There is a group on Facebook that a few of us have joined called Kitty Pinkstars Lucha Club and there is so much positivity being banded around there that you can't help but be happy.  I try to post there most days and, for instance, the other day I wasn't having the best day, and told them so, just that I was feeling a little down, and got lots of well wishes and it made me feel not so alone.

I was telling them about #CordeliasCorrespondance when someone in the group said it would be lovely if we exhanged little letters or handmade gifts between ourselves, and it works that people who want to be in it have given their names and addresses in then we are all given a name and address and send a little pack of loveliness to them.

Today I received mine and I am truly thankful to my sender, I won't give her name as I am not sure she wants to be all advertised everywhere.

I received a little note, a Hama bead lucky horseshoe, which is excellent and is already hanging in front of my desk; some postcards from where she lives, along with a leaflet of the zoo nearby, which has one of my favourite animals on a Red Panda. A gorgeous postcard with my name and meaning, which sees me in a lovely friendly light! Some notecards, which will come in handy for #CordeliasCorrespondance and a mini jotter with colourful wooly sheep on.  Last but not least a yummy scrummy Welsh chocolate elephant, which I enjoyed immensely.

January is normally a lonely sad long month, but with all this love and joy around who can possibly be sad at all.

What has made you smile lately?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 27th

Tuesday's Treats

Tuesday's Treats

Short sleeve dress

Red coat

Oasis red pantyhose

New Look brown shoes

LYDC laser cut purse

I don't really have the money for shopping, but I do like clothes and I realise that I really need to be a bit more 'grown up' when it comes to clothing, I mean I am a Mum after all.  So hopefully I will try and keep up with a weekly Tuesday's Treats, where I can 'shop' for the lovely clothes and maybe something will rub off and eventually I will be able to buy some new items and look a bit nicer.  

All the clothes will come from the UK so it will be a bit believable and will be clothes that I am likely to wear, but I must try and remember to recycle clothes that are in my wardrobe rather than 'buying' something new each week.

Are there any special items you think I should look out for or a few special occasions I should 'shop' for?

Monday, 26 January 2015

January 26th

So just swapping things about a bit.  Firstly I have nothing against the Hairy Bikers Diet and have two very good friends who are on it too and are losing really really well.  Me, I'm losing but I'm just so hungry all the time, which when you have a problem with food already then thinking about food doesn't help.  So with the help of My Fitness Pal and their books and Slimming World books I already have I'm hoping to bastardise my own little plan.  I know that Slimming World already works and with the pretty little tracker up there I can hopefully keep myself on track.

So onto this weeks Monday Menu.  I have left out lunches and breakfasts as I know what I can have of those off the top off my head so this will now only be for evening meals.

The only issue I am having is that I am finding it hard to find something nice to have as a vegetarian option, I don't want meat every day and Mark doesn't really like fish, I mean we could make a fish dish but that then means making two meals and aint nobody got time for that!!!

If you have any veggie options that don't have too many beans/pulses in that would be great.  I can't really eat pulses now I've had my gall bladder out, I get really bad stomach pain if I do.

Friday, 23 January 2015

January 23rd

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is nothing better than getting over a case of blues than spending some time out of doors.  The cold may be cold and you can see your breath, but then that proves you are alive.  If you feel, if you breathe, what more could you want.

I was at the stables again today.  It's such a long journey, well five whole minutes.  If I look out of Grace's bedroom window I can see the horses and ponies, the sheep and chickens. 

The following photo collage is the stream I walk over to get to the yard, and then the field landscape is standing behind my house.  The beautiful pony is Billy, he can sometimes be a bit stroppy but we forgive him because he's cute! 

What manages to pull you out of a blue day?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

January 22nd

“It's amusing to me that we refer to people who live in their heads as detached, disturbed, or mad, when reality for anyone is actually a matter of the individual's state of mind. The mad truth—all people live in their heads. Whatever you think life is, it is.” 
― Richelle E. GoodrichSmile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

Today has been a meh day, I feel a little detached and a little out of sorts, so instead of sitting here writing it all down and making myself worse, here is a photo of the new member of our family, Bear.

She's a little shy at the moment so I can't get such a great photo.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January 21st

“I love the way knitting brings people together.” 
― Debbie MacomberA Good Yarn

Wednesday, my day of woe, the middle of nowhere, humpday.

I used to suffer from this, I used to suffer a lot, now not so much.  The reason being is 'On Wednesdays We Wind Wool', or I go to a friends house and we have Stitch and Bitch.  I've spoken about this before.  I've changed so much since going.  Some weeks I don't go, but normally it isn't because I just can't face the day, it is genuinely because I have something on or have to be somewhere or I am ill.

Today we discussed shoes, children and genital herpes!!

We don't really Bitch, but there is a lot of Stitching.

I hope they don't mind me adding them! 

Do you suffer from MidWeek Syndrome?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January 20th

“The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.” 
― Mary E. PearsonThe Miles Between

Well it is getting toward the end of the month.  Time and tide wait for no man.  I need a bit of cheering up with this seemingly long month and boy isn't it cold?

What could be better timing than this month's #PaperHaul box?  And it is the most gorgeous box.  All my favourite things! 

From the second I opened it (there are no opening photos as I am always too impatient to wait until I get to my craft room and do a proper unboxing type thing !Damn you stationery addiction!) I knew I would love it.  There were lots of flashes of orange and after purple and green orange is the next colour I normally gravitate toward.

The next thing was the little dog and cat stickers, so so cute.  Why is it as soon as I see stickers I think to myself, oh I wonder where I can stick those?  I mean I know that I am supposed to be send out some loveliness into the world but stickers, well those might just have to be kept to myself.  Then there were the lovely little cards stating how the phone wasn't working.  Well even if it was working I would still send these out as you can't keep a phone call! 

Searching through my stack of goodies there was one card that stood out the most and the has to be the 'Ginger Sports Teacher Porn Star' well that's what I'm going to call him anyway and truthfully I'm not sure that I will be able to actually pass him on to anyone, he might just have to stay here with me.  In fact I may have to find a suitable name for him and covet him (is that a little strange?)

The one item that generated the most squeals though, much to the disgust of the family, had to be the WHOLE PAGE of fox stickers! I mean all for me FOX STICKERS.  Saying that though I have already sent out some correspondence with the said stickers on, but I will be keeping an awful lot here with me.  Because you can never have too many foxiness in your life.

In fact I have thought of a name for my happy mail that I am sending out, because I know that happy mail is already being used by a popular blog, and that is #CordeliasCorrespondence I'm hoping it isn't too much of a mouthful. But look I can get my own hashtag! 

Again another awesome box from #PaperHaul and I can't wait for next months already.

Pen and glasses not included
Is there anything there that catches your eye or tickles your fancy?  Admit it, it's the Ginger Sports Teacher Porn Star, Ginger Vitis, isn't it?

Monday, 19 January 2015

January 19th

Menu Monday

So my first week and weigh in on the Hairy Bikers diet.  Firstly, oh my goddess, if you manage to ever try one of the recipes then you must.  Gorgeous food, just gorgeous! 

The recipes are easy to follow, the website a little harder! There are a few things which I would change, just to make the experience; as an end user a bit easier and user friendly.  There are many things which I think you could swap about, but not being a coder, I really don't know how easy it is to change.

Secondly, I guess you want to know about the weight loss.  Well on Saturday as you know I went out for a meal and tried to make a healthy choice but when you are confronted with a Baileys dessert, let's face it in my first week, it's going to win! And Mother 'GET RID OF ALL THOSE CHOCOLATES BEFORE I COME OVER AGAIN'.  Ferrero Rocher and Roses are naughty naughty.  Even so I had a loss of 2.7lb, which I didn't think was too bad. I still have to incorporate more exercise into my week, but I am trying not to rely on that too much to begin with.  Getting my food intake healthy again is better for me at the moment.

So as for next week's menu.  I have repeated a couple of the breakfasts, just so I don't have to think of something different every day, and it keeps the cost down.  Also the recipes for the main meals are for anything from 4-6 portions,  I just make those up and the portions we don't use I freeze, so if I ever fancy making a curry or fish, neither of which Mark eats, he has some meals already in the freezer.  Or if they want pizza and chips I have something ready made too.

Is there anything there that takes your fancy?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

January 18th

“Think about today. Think about things that have happened. Especially about good things that have happened.” 
― Mark Haddon

I have no proper posts today, I couldn't even find a prompt that moved me to write, but I wanted to write something to keep on top of it.

Yesterday was a lovely day, we went for a lovely meal with my Mum, Eveigh and Nico for my Mum's 80th birthday! The meal was lovely and there was lots of laughter to be had.

Whereas today was a relaxing day.  We went out this morning to purchase something that I can't talk about just yet but will let you know about soon.  Then when we came home I thought I would have a little nap on the sofa quickly, which seemed to turn into a three hour snooze and when I woke up Mark had prepared all the dinner, which was Beef and Ale Casserole and was DELICIOUS! 

So overall a very relaxed homely weekend.

This photo was taken yesterday morning, sadly the snow didn't last but it got Facebook talking for a while.

What have you done this weeken? Has it been exciting or relaxing?

Friday, 16 January 2015

January 16th

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Today's quote couldn't have been said better.

I had the best time over at the yard today.  I mucked out two stables, which I thought was going to KILL me! The sooner I get this weight off the better.  I was almost in tears and was almost going to tell Da Boss that I just couldn't do it anymore.  The pain in the small of my back was becoming unbearable and sending pains down my legs, that I had to take it in turns to stand on one leg, just to ease the pain. 

I know that I should be able to do more than this, but I didn't quit I kept on, and that's all that I can do for now.

When I was younger a few of my friends had horses/ponies and I was allowed on them, I never had riding lessons as such but I had a good go at trotting and cantering and I'm sure at some point I even jumped a bar or two.  I always wanted a pony, I mean who didn't, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.  I always felt so jealous of my friends who had them.  One of those friends still has horses, well by the looks of her Facebook feed she does, anyway. I'm not so sure of the other two though.

As well as helping out with boring mundane essential job of keeping things clean I also have the pleasure of leading in lessons as well.  Something I never dreamed I'd be doing.  I mean I have to jog and everything!!!! 

I understand completely what hard work and dedication it is to have these magnificent, graceful creatures and how much joy they bring to adults and children alike.

One day I hope to ride again.

I am so grateful for Da Boss giving me this amazing opportunity to work alongside these animals that I never in a million years thought I would be doing.  The two hours I put in at the stables does me the world of good and maybe when I get a little fitter I might be able to help out for a few more hours.

This beauty is Berry and I led her in the lesson today.
You really must check out the 'yard' and if you are in the area maybe sign up for some lessons.